Molecular Nanosystems Unveils New CEO and Advisory Board Member, Patent-Protected Thermal Management Solutions

Angel Funding Validates Nano-Tech Startup Founded by Stanford Professor

Feb 13, 2006, 00:00 ET from Molecular Nanosystems, Inc.

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Molecular Nanosystems, Inc., a
 developer of nanotube-based packaging solutions for the semiconductor
 industry, today announced that Dr. Srinivas Rao has joined the company as CEO
 and CTO and Dr. Ken Goodson has joined the company's technical advisory board.
     The company has also closed a round of angel financing that will support
 getting its patent-protected thermal management solutions to market after five
 years of stealth exploration and development.
     "The innovative fabrication methods developed by Molecular Nanosystems are
 capable of adaptation to benefit a wide range of applications," said Dr.
 Hongjie Dai, Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University and one of the
 leading researchers in the field of carbon nanotubes, who founded the company
 in 2001. "We are delighted to have the esteemed Drs. Rao and Goodson assume
 leadership roles that will guide us in delivering impressive technical results
 and further advance new methods of carbon nanotube synthesis to meet the needs
 of OEMs and their end customers."
     Molecular Nanosystems has developed an innovative packaging component that
 utilizes the outstanding thermal properties of carbon nanotubes and provides
 improved heat dissipation in semiconductor chip packages. The continual
 increase in performance of microelectronic products drives silicon integration
 and places extreme demands on packaging technologies. The Molecular
 Nanosystems solution enables chip and system manufacturers to sustain product
 performance without compromising reliability.
     Molecular Nanosystems' CEO and CTO, Dr. Rao, has over 20 years of product
 development and commercialization experience in electronics. Dr. Rao quietly
 joined the company last year and has led Molecular Nanosystems to develop its
 core technology into micro-electronic packaging solutions and secure angel
     "This round of angel financing validates our approach, market opportunity
 and the outstanding team we've assembled," said Dr. Rao. "Our plan is to
 rapidly invest in our manufacturing line, product development and team. We
 want to be the leader in developing innovative electronics packaging
 solutions, and we're putting all of our resources behind that. The addition of
 Dr. Goodson to our technical advisory board will be invaluable to the company
 as it moves from the development and qualification phase to volume
     Dr. Rao was Vice President of Technology at Solectron Corporation, a
 leading global provider of electronics manufacturing and integrated supply
 chain services. He has also held technical leadership positions at Raychem
 Corporation, Eastman Kodak Laboratories and RCA Laboratories. He is acclaimed
 with honors and holds six patents.
     Dr. Goodson is an Associate Professor and faculty member of Thermosciences
 Division in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University.
 He was Co-founder and former CTO of Cooligy, a liquid based chip cooling
     "Molecular Nanosystems is well positioned to meet the ever-increasing
 thermal management requirements in the semiconductor industry," said Dr.
 Goodson, who brings to the technical advisory board a deep understanding of
 thermal management and characterization issues specific to electronics system
 assembly. "Carbon nanotubes offer a unique set of properties that when
 harnessed provide significant improvement in heat dissipation, open the door
 for building faster chips, and enable silicon to stay on course with Moore's
     About Molecular Nanosystems
     Molecular Nanosystems has developed an innovative, patent-protected, site-
 selective, chemical vapor deposition technology for developing thermal
 management solutions for the semiconductor industry. Headquartered in Palo
 Alto, California, Molecular Nanosystems, Inc. was co-founded in 2001 by Dr.
 Hongjie Dai, Professor at Stanford University and world-renowned scholar and
 scientist in the field of nanotechnology. Additional information on Molecular
 Nanosystems can be found at

SOURCE Molecular Nanosystems, Inc.