More Than 40 Million Consumers In The U.K., France and Germany Used Search Engines in April, According to comScore Networks

comScore qSearch, the Industry Leading Search Measurement Service,

Now Available for the European Market

Jun 10, 2004, 01:00 ET from comScore Networks

    RESTON, Va., June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- comScore Networks, the leader in the
 use of the Internet to measure and understand consumer behavior, today
 announced the launch of qSearch Europe.  comScore qSearch is the only
 information service to track usage of online search engines by analyzing
 actual search queries across the top search engines and portals.  With the
 launch of qSearch Europe, comScore now provides the most granular and accurate
 insight into search engine usage in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France
 and Germany.
     "We're delighted to launch qSearch Europe as part of our ongoing
 commitment to provide the European media and advertising industries with the
 most innovative and accurate research and analysis tools," said Peter Daboll,
 president and CEO of comScore Media Metrix.  "In the past year, qSearch has
 become the currency in online search measurement in the United States -- we
 look forward to providing the same valuable insight to the leading search
 engines and marketers in Europe."
     A multi-country qSearch analysis revealed that the United Kingdom has a
 more developed online search market than France, Germany, the U.S. and Canada.
 In April, the average U.K. search engine user conducted 41.8 searches, the
 highest usage level of the five countries analyzed.  Canada was a close
 second, with just under 40 searches per search engine user, while U.S., French
 and German users conducted between 31 and 35 searches per month.
      Search Engine Usage
      Source: comScore qSearch
      April 2004
                                          Searches per
                                    Search Engine User
      United Kingdom                              41.8
      Canada                                      39.9
      United States                               35.2
      France                                      34.0
      Germany                                     31.2
     By comparing the Internet reach and search engine penetration of Google,
 MSN, Time Warner (AOL) and Yahoo!, comScore found that the major Internet
 portals have a significant opportunity to convert existing visitors to search
 engine users.  For example, nearly 80 percent of U.K. Internet users visited
 MSN-Microsoft sites in April, but just 34 percent of search engine users
 conducted a search at an MSN search engine during the month.  Likewise, Yahoo!
 reaches 43 percent of the French Internet population, but only 23 percent of
 the country's search engine users.  With the exception of the United States,
 where Yahoo! leads in search penetration, Google was used by a greater number
 of people in each of the countries analyzed than any other search engine.
     Internet Reach* and Search Engine Penetration**
     Source: comScore qSearch
     April 2004
                            Canada                          France
                      Internet     Search           Internet     Search
                        Reach    Penetration          Reach    Penetration
     Google              74%         65%               53%         65%
     MSN-Microsoft       96%         46%               72%         27%
     Time Warner (AOL)   57%          7%               39%         24%
     Yahoo!              79%         41%               43%         23%
                         United Kingdom                 United States
                      Internet     Search           Internet     Search
                        Reach    Penetration          Reach    Penetration
     Google              62%         69%               43%         47%
     MSN-Microsoft       79%         34%               71%         40%
     Time Warner (AOL)   45%         12%               72%         24%
     Yahoo!              59%         34%               73%         51%
     *  Internet Reach is defined as the percentage of total Internet users
        that visited a given property at least once during the month.
     ** Search penetration is defined as the percentage of total search engine
        users who conducted at least one search at a given property.
     An analysis of the volume of searches conducted at Google, Yahoo! and MSN
 reveals that while Google is the top engine in all of the countries analyzed,
 it leads by a significantly larger margin among non-U.S. searchers.
 Specifically, Google accounted for more than 70 percent of searches conducted
 at the top three engines by users in Canada, France and the United Kingdom,
 versus 44 percent in the United States.
     Share of Searches Among Top Three Engines
     Canadian, French, U.K. and U.S. Internet Users
     Source: comScore qSearch
     April 2004
                          Canada       France   United Kingdom  United States
     Google Sites           70%          80%          77%            44%
     Yahoo! Sites           17%          10%          14%            37%
     MSN-Microsoft Sites    13%          10%           9%            19%
     Google's share advantage in Europe and Canada is a result of both the
 number of users who search at Google (i.e. search penetration) and the number
 of searches conducted by these users.  For example, the average Google user in
 the U.K. conducted approximately 39 searches at the engine, compared to 15
 searches by the average Yahoo! user, and just 9 searches by the average MSN
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