Morfik Will Pursue All Avenues to Protect Its IP Rights

May 30, 2006, 01:00 ET from Morfik Technology Pty Ltd

    MELBOURNE, Australia, May 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Recent
 recognition of the value of mapping a high-level language to JavaScript by
 key stalwarts of the AJAX world has confirmed the viability and strategic
 importance of Morfik Technology Pty Ltd's many years of pioneering work in
 this area. Morfik's vision of "browser as computing platform" embodied by
 its JavaScript Synthesis Technology, "JST" (Patent Pending) is now gaining
 mainstream acceptance.
     "Morfik believes in this paradigm and has invested millions of dollars
 over the course of many man-years in developing this technology," said Aram
 Mirkazemi, co-founder and CEO of Morfik.
     "For some time now, Morfik has been recognized both in the industry and
 in the press for having conceived of and developed something that is truly
 inspirational. Morfik has been working on this technology for a long time.
 We are helping Morfik in pursuing all appropriate forms of intellectual
 property protection in connection with this technology and invention," said
 Tim Hale of Russo & Hale LLP of Palo Alto, California, one of Morfik's
 intellectual property attorneys.
     Some time ago Morfik's founders identified JavaScript as the limiting
 factor in the development of complex interactive Web-based software
 applications and decided to develop some proof-of-concept prototypes for
 the translation of a high-level language to JavaScript. The success of the
 proof-of-concept resulted in the establishment of Morfik as a company in
 the year 2000 and the further development of JST. JST allows developers to
 use a high-level language of choice and have it compiled directly and
 seamlessly to JavaScript. Morfik spent the ensuing years building a
 state-of-the-art Rapid Application Development tool to make JST accessible
 to small businesses.
     In October 2005 Morfik's JST was featured at the Web 2.0 Conference in
 San Francisco, California and immediately attracted the attention of
 leading search engine providers and software development organizations,
 including founders and top officers from some very large companies. In a
 number of instances, persons recognizing the potential in the JST
 innovation and its implications for their own organization's applications
 requested special more detailed presentations to their engineers or gained
 access to additional confidential information about JST.
     Morfik as the owner of this ground-breaking innovation and technology
 is committed to protecting all of its rights, working closely with
 interested organizations to share its learning and innovations related to
 JST and to enter into appropriate licensing arrangements with such
 organizations to govern their use of JST.
     About Morfik
     Morfik is an innovative Australian software tool vendor with a strong
 emphasis on research and development in software tools and Web
 technologies. The founders and technical staff of Morfik have successful
 track records in developing market leading products, technologies in
 Computer Aided Design and delivering on-demand Business Services to the
 international banking industry as well as other related areas.
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