Morrisey Associates Releases Web-Based Credentialing Software

Jun 01, 2005, 01:00 ET from Morrisey Associates

    CHICAGO, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Morrisey Associates recently launched its
 highly anticipated Web-based credentialing software, MSO for the Web(TM)
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     MSOW combines the speed and flexibility of the Internet with Morrisey's
 advanced technology to automate physician and allied health professional
 credentialing. The revolutionary product is a substantial improvement over
 existing credentialing systems.
     "By listening to the needs of our customers, we believe we have released a
 product that sets a new industry standard for credentialing," says Morrisey
 CEO Jerry Zoldan. "MSOW transforms a traditionally time-consuming, paper-based
 process into a universally accepted electronic environment that increases
 productivity and reduces operational costs."
     MSOW reduces errors in credentialing and verifications and reliance on IT
 staff for day-to-day support. Because the product is Web-based, it is
 accessible to users any time and anywhere and offers the ultimate in
 flexibility of access to critical credentialing information. The software can
 be configured for single or multiple facilities and can be customized to meet
 any organization's needs.
     "This is one of the most sophisticated and flexible credentialing products
 on the market today," Zoldan says. "MSOW integrates the features that
 customers sought and delivers them in a way no other company can."
     Morrisey customers partnered with Morrisey on the MSOW development
 Advisory Board and have put the new system through its paces in a test
 environment. They say the product is just what they've been waiting for.
     "It will deliver what I was looking for -- and a lot more," says Bonnie
 Ball, manager of medical staff services at El Camino Hospital in Mountain
 View, Calif. "The staff here is very excited now that they have seen what it
 can do. They can't wait to get started with full implementation."
     Another customer also applauded Morrisey's vision.
     "So many of our physicians are computer savvy and they want to do
 everything they possibly can online. MSOW will allow us to communicate
 electronically with them and save documents with scanning," says Lola Hackett,
 manager of the Credentials Verification Office at UCLA Healthcare in Los
     Here's what to look for in MSOW:
     Credentialing staff supervisors can see the distribution of work among
 employees in real time, as well as a watch list of outstanding items that need
 immediate attention.
     Morrisey's revolutionary MSOWebCrawler(TM) technology is embedded in MSOW,
 eliminating tedious manual tasks such as routine updates of standard
 credentialing files. With MSOW, credentialing files are integrated online in a
 single database repository. MSOWebCrawler automatically checks for new
 physician licensure from state licensing agencies. In addition, the program
 scans new physician credentialing information from any accessible Web pages
 and copies the information into each practitioner's file.
     Security on the Internet is an increasing concern as the public becomes
 more aware of vulnerabilities from viruses, worms and other attacks. Morrisey
 makes security a top priority, and MSOW includes sophisticated security
 measures to protect users and the integrity of their data.
     MSOW is integrated with Morrisey's Concurrent Care Manager(TM) (MCCM(TM))
 case, quality, risk and infection management system. MCCM provides real-time
 access to detailed practitioner activity and performance profiles which are
 critical to the reappointment process.
     About Morrisey Associates
     Morrisey Associates is an industry leader in the field of credentialing
 applications. The Chicago-based company has nearly 20 years' experience in
 developing innovative, cost-effective products that automate and simplify the
 credentialing and verification process.

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