Mosaica Announces Openings of Schools in Delaware and Pennsylvania

Sep 05, 2000, 01:00 ET from Mosaica Education, Inc.

    NEW YORK, Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Mosaica Education, Inc. announced the
 opening of new schools today in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Wilmington,
     Ronald H. Brown Charter School of Harrisburg opened its doors to
 450 students in grades K-6.  Over 800 students, more than 10% of the students
 eligible for enrollment in those grades in the entire Harrisburg School
 District, applied to enroll at the school.  Under the terms of the school's
 charter, only 450 students could be admitted, and the remainder of the
 applicants are on a waiting list.  The school will expand by one grade and
 50 students each year.
     Ronald H. Brown Charter School was granted a charter by the Pennsylvania
 Charter School Appeals Board.  The founders of the school, all of whom are
 parents and community members, have been working since 1997 to make the school
 a reality.  "It's very gratifying on this opening day of this school, to see
 the vision and dedication of these committed parents rewarded.  They have
 claimed a voice and a choice in their child's education and have worked hard
 to make their dream a reality," stated Dr. Dawn Eidelman, co-founder of
 Mosaica Education.
     Marion T. Academy of Wilmington, Delaware, also opened today with
 enrollment of 400 students in grades K-5.  Marion T. students are currently
 housed in temporary classrooms, with construction on a permanent facility to
 be completed for the 2001-02 school year, when the school will add a sixth
 grade and expand by 100 students.
     In both schools, parent volunteers worked evenings and weekends helping to
 install furniture, cleaning, and putting the finishing touches on the
     Mosaica Education, Inc. opened its first school in September 1997, and has
 more than doubled the number of students in every subsequent year.  This year,
 Mosaica will manage 20 public charter school programs, in five states, with an
 enrollment of approximately 5,000 students.
     All of the Mosaica-managed charter schools are tuition-free public
 schools.  Each school is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of parents
 and community residents.  The schools feature one computer for every three
 students; an extended school day and school year; full-day kindergarten and
 foreign languages starting in kindergarten.  Mosaica schools emphasize basic
 skills with real world applications and multi-disciplinary curriculum, in a
 safe and secure environment.
     "We are excited to be able to provide excellence in education to the
 children of Wilmington and Harrisburg," remarked Michael Connelly, President
 and CEO of Mosaica Education, Inc.  "It is wonderful to see the results of the
 efforts and dreams of so many people come to fruition."

SOURCE Mosaica Education, Inc.