Mosaica Charter School Students Show Exceptional Growth

Sep 06, 2000, 01:00 ET from Mosaica Education, Inc.

    NEW YORK, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Mosaica Education, Inc. has issued its
 annual report of student achievement for the 1999-2000 academic year.
     Across all grades, test scores for Mosaica charter school students
 increased more than the amount of growth students on average experience
 nationwide.  The overall growth in Language Arts was 30% more than students
 nationwide, while in Mathematics it was 23% more than the average.  As has
 been the case each year since the Company's founding, students in every
 Mosaica-managed school are achieving more today than when the school opened.
     "We are proud of these results and we continue to refine both our
 curriculum design and our on-going professional development in an endeavor to
 ensure the highest quality in student achievement and performance," said
 Dr. Dawn D. Eidelman, co-founder of Mosaica Education, Inc. and its
 Director of the Curriculum Design.  "To this end, we use multiple assessments
 to ascertain how well we are doing in serving our students and we take very
 seriously the high degree of accountability to which we are held in managing
 charter schools."
     Mosaica assesses all of its schools using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills
 ("ITBS"), which is administered in both the Fall and Spring to determine
 academic growth of students as measured on a nationally standardized
     Mosaica Education, Inc. opened its first school in September 1997, and has
 more than doubled the number of students in every subsequent year.  This year,
 Mosaica will manage 20 public charter school programs in five states, with an
 enrollment of approximately 5,000 students.
     All of the Mosaica-managed charter schools are tuition-free public
 schools.  Each school is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of parents
 and local residents.  The schools feature one computer for every three
 students; an extended school day and school year; full-day kindergarten and
 foreign languages starting in kindergarten.  Mosaica schools emphasize basic
 skills with real world applications and multi-disciplinary curriculum, in a
 safe and secure environment.
     "The increased enrollment at existing Mosaica-managed schools is a sign of
 the continued appreciation by parents and the community of our educational
 model and of the commitment to student achievement represented by our teachers
 and administrators," stated Michael Connelly, President and Chief Executive
 Officer of Mosaica Education, Inc.  "The ITBS results further validate the
 effectiveness of our enhanced academic program and the dedication of our
 school staff.  It is genuinely gratifying to see the kind of student
 achievement that Team Mosaica has been able to produce in diverse communities
 across this country."

SOURCE Mosaica Education, Inc.