Most Americans Would Replace Cable and Satellite TV With Broadband TV, if TV Content Was the Same

Zogby Survey Also Finds That Majority of Americans Believe That Two-Way

Video Cell Phones and HD-Quality Internet TV Just Around the Corner

Apr 16, 2007, 01:00 ET from Redback Networks

    SAN JOSE, Calif., April 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Fifty-three
 percent of Internet users would replace their cable and satellite TV with
 broadband TV, if they could get the same TV channels, according to a new
 Zogby poll, sponsored by Redback Networks, an Ericsson company.
     The Zogby poll asked 1006 Americans how they use broadband services,
 Internet-connected mobile devices and what video and mobile services they
 would pay for in the future. The Zogby-Redback findings can be reviewed at Among the highlighted findings:
     -- 53 percent of Americans would replace cable and satellite with
        broadband TV
     -- 88 percent believe video cell phone calls will become reality within
        five years
     -- 64 percent of parents would subscribe to mobile TV in cars to entertain
     -- 74 percent believe a video-centric Internet may be more dangerous for
     -- 55 percent say parents and individuals are responsible for making
        broadband technology safe
     -- 75 percent agree that it is rude to use a BlackBerry or similar device
        in a meeting or restaurant
     -- 70 percent said that people can become 'addicted' to using a BlackBerry
        or similar device
     -- 80 percent agree that it should be illegal to use Internet mobile
        devices while driving
     -- 29 percent feel parents have primary responsibility to make Internet
        devices safe for kids
     -- 12 percent said they either had or nearly had a car accident checking
        email on their Blackberry
     -- 5 percent of respondents confessed checking email on Internet mobile
        devices in the bathroom
     "These findings help illustrate how people use broadband and mobile
 devices today and what they anticipate doing in the future. This poll makes
 it quite easy to imagine a world where all TV and movie content is portable
 and two billion cell users become 2 billion TVs or 2 billion TV
 broadcasters," said Alan Lippman, chief video architect of Redback
 Networks, and one of the original creators of Real Audio and Real Video ten
 years ago. "Within five years, broadband will be as video-centric as your
 cable or satellite service, and telephone and high-speed mobile networks
 may emerge as alternative platforms for triple-play services, delivering
 greater choice to consumers. There also are emerging revenue opportunities
 for broadband carriers who meet increasing demand for parental control
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