Most Popular Lettuces and Salad Greens With Gourmet Toppings Are Now 'In the Bag' Nationwide

Fresh Express Debuts Premium Blends By Fresh Express - Everything But The


Sep 25, 2003, 01:00 ET from Fresh Express

    SALINAS, Calif., Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Great salads begin with fresh
 greens, but they don't stop there.  With the introduction of Premium Salad
 Blends -- Everything but the Dressing, Fresh Express, the company that first
 introduced America to fresh and convenient retail packaged salads, is taking
 ready-to-eat salads to stylish new heights.  The flavorful new collection of
 three different blends pairs upscale lettuces, baby greens and spinach with
 appealing complementary flavor accents like slivered almonds, walnuts and
 dried cranberries as well as garlic croutons and high-quality shredded
 cheeses.  For the first time, enjoying a gourmet style ready-to-eat salad
 experience at home is literally "in the bag."  Just plate, and add the
 dressing of your choice.
     Outstanding quality, freshness and convenience are a given with all Fresh
 Express products, but the new Premium Salad Blends line also continues the
 company's trend-setting tradition of innovation.  Ever since Fresh Express
 created the Blends segment in 1991 by combining different lettuce varieties
 and ingredients, mixes of specialty lettuces and other greens have proven to
 be by far the most popular choice of consumers nationwide.  Premium Salad
 Blends by Fresh Express goes a delicious step further by matching three of the
 best-selling and most desired lettuce varieties -- delicate Spring Mix, tender
 Baby Spinach and classic Romaine with Radicchio -- with equally in-demand
 toppings that lend exciting flavor, texture and crunch.
     The new Premium Salad Blends by Fresh Express can conveniently be enjoyed
 as a light meal, appetizer or side dish, but they also serve as a creative and
 ready-to-use base for any number of hearty and satisfying entree salads.
 Included in the line are:
      -- 4.5 oz. Spring Mix with Cranberries & Walnuts
      -- 5.5 oz. Baby Spinach Salad with Almonds & Cranberries
      -- 8.75 oz. Romaine & Radicchio Salad with Parmesan-Romano & Garlic
     Fresh Express is the only manufacturer in the industry to create its
 salads using a proprietary, state-of-the-art and specially engineered Tender
 Leaf Processing System that gently yet thoroughly washes the young, fragile
 greens of Spring Mix and Baby Spinach.   Toppings are individually packaged,
 ensuring that they stay impeccably moist or crisp counterpoints crowning the
     Given the garden-like quality, savory flavor accents and "anytime" ease of
 preparation, consumers may find themselves tempted to put aside their bottled
 dressings and try their hand at a homemade creation.  After all, most non-
 commercial dressings use inexpensive cupboard staples and require no more
 effort than a quick, vigorous stir or shake.  Not only will salads be
 healthier, taste fresher and livelier, in the long run it could be a major
 family pleaser with no extra effort or cost.

SOURCE Fresh Express