Motorola Unveils Standards-Based Packetized Voice Capability For IP And Frame-Relay Networks

Also Introduces Applications Ware Software Packages,

Assuring Customers Easy, Flexible Migration to Internet/Intranets

Apr 27, 1998, 01:00 ET from Motorola Information Systems Group

    MANSFIELD, Mass., April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola's Information Systems
 Group, Network Systems Division (, today
 announced support for standards-based packetized voice capability for IP and
 frame-relay networks in its series of Vanguard(R) multiservice access router
 platforms.  Motorola's move to support both H.323 and G.723 standards promises
 to further expand the market for high-quality, bandwidth-efficient packet
 voice solutions into corporate networking environments.
     Also announced was Motorola's new series of Applications Ware(TM) software
 packages, which allow Vanguard products to be custom designed for specific
 applications.  The packages support all varieties of IP (Internet protocol),
 legacy serial, SNA (systems network architecture) and packetized voice
 applications, including Motorola's VIPR functionality.
     "Incorporating standardized voice in our Vanguard products helps to move
 voice over IP from the early adopter stage to the practical business
 application era, providing true cost benefits and high-quality
 implementation," said Ray Wright, director, product marketing for Motorola
 ISG, Network Systems Division.  "Bandwidth is the costliest single element of
 a voice or data network.  With standardized voice-over-IP and voice-over-frame
 relay capability, Motorola gives customers a way to both lower bandwidth for
 top efficiency and increase quality for voice and data applications of all
     Standards-based packetized voice technology accelerates the IP-based
 voice/data network convergence while opening up numerous new applications.
 For example, it can let companies provide facilities available at main
 locations to users at remote sites while reducing costs.  It also enables new
 telephony capabilities such as tone-based security systems over existing IP or
 frame relay networks.
     Applications Ware Packages
     Motorola's Applications Ware puts the networking intelligence of the
 Vanguards into easy-to-upgrade software packages to give customers the exact
 functionality needed at lowest cost, while providing the flexibility to easily
 migrate the network to support other functions, such as simultaneous support
 of voice and data.  "By using Motorola's enhanced packetized voice options, a
 business can start saving telecom costs immediately while preparing for the
 quickly maturing IP-based future.  This will help companies of any size
 'manage their network pipe' rather than throw bandwidth money down it," Wright
     Depending on its networking appetites and resources, a company using
 Applications Ware can nimbly take advantage of competitive carrier services,
 migrate smoothly from dedicated services to the Internet or intranets, and
 cost-effectively enhance data networks with multimedia voice and video
 functions.  The packages optimize wide area network performance and provide
 error recovery and prioritization capabilities and diagnostic tools.
 Applications Ware software can be upgraded through Motorola's new eTAC
 (Electronic Technical Assistance Center), a state-of-the-art secured Web site,
 or by using a licensed CD-ROM.  Packages will be marketed in the Americas and
 Asia starting in June, with rollout in Europe scheduled for later in the
 summer.  Pricing is scaled to match the platform and the breadth of
 functionality.  Visit for more detailed information
 about Motorola ISG's new service and support Web site.
     About Motorola
     Motorola's Information Systems Group (ISG) develops, builds, and markets
 solutions that help customers profit from the power of multimedia business and
 personal communications.  Product families include cable, corporate and
 software modems, and a broad range of internetworking equipment.  ISG is part
 of Motorola's Messaging, Information and Media Sector (MIMS).
     Motorola is one of the world's leading providers of wireless
 communications, semiconductors, and advanced electronic systems, components,
 and services.  Major equipment businesses include cellular telephone, two-way
 radio, paging and data communications, personal communications, automotive,
 defense and space electronics and computers.  Motorola semiconductors power
 communication devices, computers and millions of other products.  Motorola's
 1997 sales were $29.8 billion.  ISG information is available on the World Wide
 Web at

SOURCE Motorola Information Systems Group