Motorola's Clinical Micro Sensors Unveils eSensor(TM) DNA Detection Technology At Chips To Hits Conference

The eSensor(TM) System Provides a Practical Lab Based Solution for Rapid,

Cost-Effective DNA Analysis in Medicine and Industry

Oct 30, 2000, 00:00 ET from Clinical Micro Sensors

    PASADENA, Calif., Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Clinical Micro Sensors (CMS), a
 business unit of Motorola, Inc., (NYSE:   MOT), will unveil commercial versions
 of its eSensor(TM) DNA detection system and demonstrate its ability to do DNA
 testing relevant to healthcare, agriculture, food safety, animal health and
 breeding, or environmental monitoring.
     eSensor(TM) technology represents a futuristic advance in DNA analysis
 with the potential to lower the cost, improve the quality, and speed-the-time
 to market of DNA tests.  The technology has been shown effective in studies
 detecting panels of bacterial or viral targets, genetically modified crops
 (GMOs), and SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), the most common form of
 genetic mutation in human, plants, and animals.
     The eSensor(TM) system relies on bioelectronics, a major advance in DNA
 analysis that will broaden the use of DNA tests to allow improved health and
 safety.  Bioelectronics uses organic molecules to form electronic circuit
 elements that detect and quantify many different DNA and RNA targets at once.
 The ability to offer a panel of tests, producing clear, unambiguous results,
 will reduce the cost and increase the sophistication of practical DNA testing.
     CMS expects manufacturing and shipping the first benchtop eSensor(TM)
 instruments during the second quarter of 2001 for research and nonhuman
 diagnostics markets such as agriculture and animal health and breeding.  In
 the future, CMS intends to deliver its technology for use in clinical
 laboratories, point-of-care settings, and physician offices.
     CMS will demonstrate eSensor(TM) DNA detection technology at International
 Business Communications' (IBC) Annual Biochip Technologies Conference, Chips
 To Hits, on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  IBC's Chips To Hits event has continually grown
 to become the largest annual gathering for chip technologies in the
 pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  More information regarding CMS'
 demonstration at the Chips To Hits conference is available at
     About Motorola
     Motorola, Inc. is a global leader in providing integrated communications
 solutions and embedded electronic solutions.  Sales in 1999 were
 $33.1 billion.  Additional corporate information is available at
     Clinical Micro Sensors, a division of Motorola, is a leader in the field
 of mass applied genomics -- the widespread application of genetic knowledge to
 medicine and industry.  CMS is developing DNA detection units and disposable
 biochip cartridges, combining universal platform design and advanced
 bioelectronic technology.  The CMS eSensor(TM) system is poised to set new
 standards for rapid, cost-effective DNA analysis in healthcare, agriculture,
 food safety, animal health and breeding, and environmental monitoring.
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