Multi-Platinum Rapper Chingy Wants to Know How You (Yes You) Got All of That in Dem Jeans

Sprint to Exclusively Offer 123 Unique and Personalized Ringtone Versions

of His Latest Single, 'Dem Jeans' Beginning Today

Nov 21, 2006, 00:00 ET from Capitol Records

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-Platinum Capitol Records'
 rapper Chingy entered a Los Angeles studio recently to record ringtones
 personalized with more than a hundred popular names using the music and
 lyrics from "Dem Jeans," the latest single from his new album Hoodstar. In
 a mobile music first, Chingy recorded 123 personalized ringtones in his own
 voice using the hook "Damn Girl, how'd you get all that in Dem Jeans?"
 replacing "girl" with one of 123 different female names. Sprint customers
 will have exclusive access to the personalized ringers as both Ringers
 (ringtones) and Call Tones (ringback tones).
     Unlike prior personalization efforts on other digital tracks, which
 used computer-generated voice inserts, Chingy personally laid down each
 hook in the studio unassisted, using names such as Beyonce, Oprah, Mariah,
 Jalisa, Lakeshia, and Nene. Fans can access the content by navigating to
 either the "Call Tones" or "Ringer" categories under "Downloads" on their
 Sprint phone. Additionally, Ringers will be available on Nextel phones.
 Sprint and Nextel subscribers can also purchase the content on the Web by
     Personalized Chingy Ringers and Call Tones can be used in truly amusing
 ways. For example, Sprint customers that have a friend named LeToya can set
 one of Chingy's personalized LeToya Ringers to ring whenever LeToya calls.
 On the flip side, a personalized LeToya Call Tone can be set so that LeToya
 can listen to a personalized greeting from Chingy rather than the
 traditional "ring, ring." And just in time for the holidays, Sprint
 customers can "Gift" a personalized Chingy Ringer or Call Tone to another
 Sprint subscriber right from their phone. What better gift could you give
 to your friend Jetta this holiday than a personalized Chingy Ringer that
 says, "Damn Jetta, how'd you get all that in Dem Jeans?"
     Sprint will also begin streaming the first two videos from Hoodstar,
 "Pullin' Me Back" and "Dem Jeans," as well as an exclusive interview Chingy
 did with one of Sprint's VJ's on Channel 33 or Channel 35 on Sprint TV,
 which is available on Sprint Power Vision phones. Additionally, all the
 full-length songs from Hoodstar are available to download over the air on
 the Sprint Music Store.
     Having sold over four million albums since his 2003 debut, Chingy upped
 the ante with Hoodstar, delivering his most personal and compelling album
 to date. Part autobiographical, part club-bangin', it chronicles the life
 of a star from the hood -- the highs, the lows, the girls, cars, clothes
 and more. To realize his vision, he assembled an all-hoodstar team of
 producers, including Jermaine Dupri, Poli Paul, Timbaland, The Trak Starz,
 Mannie Fresh, Mr. Collipark and Kwame. In addition to Tyrese, Three 6
 Mafia, Young Spiffy and Fatman Scoop also guest on the album.
     Hoodstar's personal tone is captured perfectly in "Pullin' Me Back,"
 produced by Dupri. Over a smooth R&B track, Chingy rhymes with his
 trademark laid-back flow about the difficulties of balancing a successful
 career and a personal relationship. Other highlights include "Cadillac
 Door," which details the struggles in the ghetto, the sexy "Let Me Luv U"
 and the dance-floor anthems "U A Freak (Nasty Girl)" and "Club Gettin'

SOURCE Capitol Records