Multinational Companies Find Passport to Savings on Overseas Calls Using VoSKY Exchange

Exceptional Product Eliminates PC-Based Calling, Allows Employees To Access

Skype VoIP Network from Any Standard Desk Phone

Mar 14, 2007, 01:00 ET from Actiontec Electronics, Inc.

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Actiontec Electronics today
 announced that three of its international corporate customers, each with
 significant international calling needs, have cut their overseas phone
 costs by an average of 50% or more through the use of VoSKY Exchange,
 Actiontec's PBX-to-Skype gateway product. In addition to their dramatic
 telecom savings, the companies have increased productivity and convenience
 for their employees by allowing them to access Skype lines from any
 standard desktop phone connected to the PBX.
     VoSKY Exchange enables companies of all sizes to centralize and control
 Skype calling by bridging their Private Branch Exchange (PBX) equipment
 directly to Skype, the world's largest VoIP supplier with over 130 million
 users. The VoSKY Exchange connects directly the company's PBX equipment,
 adding multiple Skype lines.
     Results from the three companies are typical of the savings enabled by
 VoSKY Exchange and include:
     -- Eastern Accents, Illinois -- A Chicago-based manufacturer of luxury
        bedding and soft home furnishings, Eastern Accents communicates heavily
        between its headquarters and its branch office in China.  Using VoSKY
        Exchange, Eastern Accents has reaped a 30% reduction in its overseas
        calling costs.
        "Home furnishings is increasingly a global business.  Manufacturing,
        design, and sales involve a huge amount of person-to-person
        interaction, much of which takes place by voice," said Elvin
        Rakhmankulov, Director of IT for Eastern Accents.  "VoSKY Exchange has
        made the daily practice of international calling far more cost-
        effective.  Best of all, our people can just pick up their desk phone
        and make a low-cost international VoIP call as easily as calling across
        the street."
     -- Swan Net-Gundry, Ireland -- Ireland's largest producer of nets for
        fishing, sports and safety use has realized a drop of more than 90% in
        its outbound international calling costs through VoSKY Exchange.  In
        addition to its customer sales and service calling, Swan Net-Gundry
        uses VoSKY Exchange's Click 2 Call feature so remote employees and
        customers can contact the company for free.
        "Implementing VoSKY Exchange and Skype within an international business
        is a win-win solution.  It opens up huge savings for users globally
        using SkypeOut to call any landline in the world," said Troy Armour,
        managing director of Trojan Technologies, Swan Net-Gundry's voice/data
        network solutions provider.  "The ability to have a link on your
        Website where browsers can connect to your receptionist, sales or
        support staff using their Skype client free of charge provides a new
        level of service.  Best of all is the almost zero learning curve as the
        handsets and numbers used by employees have not changed."
     -- Genesys Logic, Taiwan -- This 200-employee integrated chip designer
        provides USB 2.0 peripheral controllers and other products to virtually
        all the world's major high-tech manufacturers.  Using VoSKY Exchange,
        Genesys Logic's outbound international calling costs have dropped
        significantly, and they are quite satisfied with the cost savings.
        "VoSKY Exchange has allowed Genesys Logic to create a much more
        efficient communications infrastructure.  This development is
        significant for our company since international calling is a large part
        of our daily operations," said Howard Tsai, Senior IT Engineer for
        Genesys Logic.  "This development has helped us to focus our financial
        resources on R&D, the most critical strategic function of our company."
     VoSKY Exchange enables companies to reduce their international and
 long-distance calling charges in three ways -- two of which are totally
 free: between Exchange-equipped sites (free); from an Exchange-equipped
 site to any Skype user worldwide (free); and to any international or
 domestic number using SkypeOut (approximately two cents/minute). The device
 installs in approximately two hours and can return its low cost in just a
 few months through its substantial reduction in phone charges.
     VoSKY Exchange supports virtually all existing PBX equipment out of the
 box and requires no additional operating cost except for SkypeOut credit.
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