MultiVu Video Feed: Poll Shows America Does Not Support Federal Intervention In Sub-Prime Market

The headlines are dominated with stories about the housing market

slowdown and credit crunch. As Congress debates how to solve the mortgage

credit crunch, a new survey by FreedomWorks, a citizens group indicates a

majority of Americans don't want Uncle Sam to foot the bill.

Oct 31, 2007, 01:00 ET from FreedomWorks

    By a 2-to-1 margin, respondents believe individuals should take
 responsibility for their actions, not the government. In addition, 93
 percent of respondents support disclosure to provide consumers more
 financial information before signing mortgages. Additional results from the
 survey include:
     * 62 percent of those surveyed oppose legislation that lowers or
 eliminates the down payment requirements for federally-funded loans
     * 72 percent oppose increasing the maximum size of a loan that the
 federal government will insure from its current level of $417,000
     * 87 percent believe that lenders should verify the finances and
 incomes of borrowers who are buying or refinancing their homes
     Experts say the current market is moving in that direction.
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     NEWS: Federal Interest Rate Announcement on Wednesday, Homes Sales
 Report to be Released on Thursday
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SOURCES: Video, contact information and more available at: SOUNDBITES: * Wayne Brough, PHD, VP for Research and Chief Economist, FreedomWorks B-ROLL INCLUDES: * Capitol Hill * Crowd shots * Homes for Sale * People filling out mortgage applications/forms * Computer screens showing homes for sale * mortgage calculator * interest rates VIDEO PROVIDED BY: FreedomWorks Contact: FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL: MultiVu Media Relations, 1-800-653-5313 EXT. 3

SOURCE FreedomWorks