MusicMatch(R) Jukebox(TM) 1.0 For Linux(R) Launches at LinuxWorld With Assistance from CodeWeavers

First and Only Digital Music System for Windows(R), Macintosh(R), and Linux

Co-Developed by CodeWeavers and MusicMatch; Linux Solution Leverages WINE


Jan 30, 2001, 00:00 ET from CodeWeavers, Inc.

    NEW YORK, Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- CodeWeavers, Inc., the leading
 Windows-to-Linux software developer and consultancy, and MusicMatch, Inc.,
 inventor of the world's first all-in-one digital music jukebox, today
 announced the general release of MusicMatch(R) Jukebox(TM) for Linux 1.0.
 Enabled by CodeWeaver's key engineering technology, MusicMatch Jukebox is the
 first digital music system to offer music fans on Windows, Macintosh, and
 Linux operating systems a complete solution for playing, recording,
 organizing, and discovering music in one easy-to-use program.
     To create MusicMatch Jukebox for Linux, MusicMatch and CodeWeavers
 utilized the WINE project to enable Windows software technology to cross
 platforms and create a powerful product with enhanced core functionality.
 MusicMatch and CodeWeavers also made a number of significant contributions to
 the WINE open-source code for other developers to take advantage of, including
 improved CD management, browser functionality, windows management, undecorated
 windows and MCI components.
     "MusicMatch Jukebox for Linux satisfies an intense demand for all-in-one
 jukebox software for the Linux platform," said Jeremy White, founder and
 president of CodeWeavers.  "We're proud to have had the opportunity to work
 with MusicMatch on the development of their Jukebox for Linux, and our
 contributions to the WINE open source code will undoubtedly benefit others in
 the future."
     "Until now, the Linux community has had very few options for experiencing
 the freedom of digital music.  We've worked hard to bring our award-winning
 jukebox to these music fans for the first time," said Dennis Mudd, president
 and CEO of MusicMatch, Inc.  "By working with CodeWeavers, our company was
 able to bring the MusicMatch Jukebox to the Linux community quicker and easier
 than other options available.  Music Match Jukebox for Linux proves that
 MusicMatch is committed to delivering the ultimate digital music experience to
 music fans everywhere, regardless of platform."
     With MusicMatch Jukebox 1.0 for Linux music fans can easily:
     *  Play and organize digital music collections -- easily play CDs, MP3s
        and WAV files and organize digital music in a powerful Music Library;
        tag tracks with multimedia information such as album art, artist bios
        and liner notes.
     *  Create high-quality MP3s -- move existing CDs, cassette tapes and vinyl
        collections to the desktop using Fraunhofer's MP3 encoding technology
     *  Record custom mix CDs -- an integrated two-step CD burner makes it easy
        to move custom playlists to the car, stereo or portable CD players
     *  Personalize the music experience -- create custom playlists to suit
        tastes or mood, receive custom music recommendations while listening;
        change the look and feel of the interface with a broad selection of
        custom themes and visualizations.
     *  Get more than just music -- obtain album, artist and track information
        from CDDB/Gracenote online when recording CDs; discover new music and
        old favorites with the integrated Music Guide, and access thousands of
        free downloadable tracks from major-label and indie recording artists.
     CodeWeavers-The WINE Experts
     Using a staff of experts deployed in offices across the United States and
 Europe, CodeWeavers is leading the Linux open-source movement in the
 development of several Windows-to-Linux technologies:
     *  WINE, a Windows compatibility product maintained by CodeWeavers
        programmer Alexander Julliard, is a Windows API (Application
        Programming Interface) that runs on Linux.  Wine, which is supported by
        over 300 programmers in dozens of countries around the world, enables
        Windows 3.1/95/NT binary files to run on Linux as well as other Intel
        Unix platforms.
     *  Winelib, a toolkit component of Wine, consists of include files and
        link libraries that allow developers to recompile Windows C/C++
        applications in order to create equivalent Linux programs.
     *  WINE 1.0 is the commercial-grade utility version of Wine.  Still under
        development, Wine 1.0 is on schedule for completion in the second half
        of 2001.
     System Requirements and Availability
     MusicMatch Jukebox for Linux 1.0 requires a Pentium Class 166 MHz
 processor or better, 32 MB RAM, 40 MB hard drive space, SVGA or higher
 resolution monitor, 4x CD-ROM drive, mouse, keyboard, SoundBlaster compatible
 soundcard, speakers/headphones, CD Writer (for creating CDs).  Software
 requirements are Linux kernel 2.2.x or later, Netscape Navigator 1.1 or later.
     About CodeWeavers, Inc.:
     Founded in 1996 as a general software consultancy, CodeWeavers today
 focuses on the development of Wine and other Linux programming solutions.  The
 company's goal is to bring expanded market opportunities for Windows software
 developers by making it easier, faster, and more painless to port Windows
 software to Linux.  CodeWeavers is recognized as a leader in open-source
 Windows porting technology, and maintains development offices in Minnesota,
 California, the Netherlands, and Germany.  The company is privately held.  For
 more information about CodeWeavers, log on to .
     About MusicMatch Jukebox:
     The award-winning MusicMatch Jukebox software is the first and only
 all-in-one jukebox software that delivers a personalized, customized music
 experience, giving music fans access to music they love, the way they want it.
 MusicMatch offers music lovers the freedom to play, record, organize and
 discover music in a multimedia-rich listening environment and also delivers
 personalized music recommendations based on listeners' individual tastes.
     About MusicMatch, Inc.:
     MusicMatch, Inc. ( ) is a music company focused on
 giving people the music they want, the way they want it.  The company's award-
 winning MusicMatch Jukebox software is enjoyed by more than 11 million music
 fans worldwide who trust MusicMatch to deliver personal fulfillment through
     (R)MusicMatch is a registered trademark of MusicMatch, Inc.
 (TM)MusicMatch Jukebox is a trademark of MusicMatch, Inc.  Linux is a
 registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.  Windows is a registered trademark of
 Microsoft Corporation.  Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.,
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     All other trademarks and registered trademarks are owned by their
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