MyPhoneDeals Creates World's Largest Smartphone OS Comparison Chart

Mar 04, 2013, 13:02 ET from My Phone Deals

LONDON, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

MyPhoneDeals, the UK's leading online mobile phone deals specialist, is set to end the confusion over smartphone operating systems (OS) once and for all after releasing the world's most comprehensive comparison chart.

It can be tough for consumers to decide whether Google's Android, Apple's iOS, Microsoft's Windows Phone or RIM's Blackberry OS is right for them. And while the team at MyPhoneDeals can't make up buyers' minds for them, the firm's newly-released smartphone operating system infographic should make things a lot easier.

A huge amount of information is contained within the mobile OS comparison chart and so to make it as user-friendly as possible it has been split into seven distinct parts. In total there are a whopping 28 categories listing the pros and cons of each operating system.

The general section covers everything from the suitability of the various operating systems for beginners, to the range and quality of the apps available. The media and gaming section looks at web browsing, suitability for games and systems' capabilities for handling music and video. Battery life and performance is covered in the hardware section, while the ability of operating systems to handle new technology such as Near Field Communications is considered under the connectivity section. Email and voice call features are compared in the chart's communication tab, while the four operating systems' ability to handle documents and calendar functions are considered in the productivity section. The final section covers the other pros and cons of each OS.

Ethan Tan, Editor at MyPhoneDeals, said: "With such an immense choice of smartphones available these days, one of the first choices consumers have to make is with regard to the brand of phone they want and therefore which operating system they'll use.

"Our team has pulled together masses of detailed information for the infographic that clearly highlights the pros and cons of each smartphone operating system. We're confident it will enable shoppers to make an informed choice like never before.

"We've made the infographic simple to share and are asking bloggers to feature it on their site or share it with friends. We'd love to hear what people think and comments can be left on our site."

The infographic can be found on the MyPhoneDeals website, where it's also possible to discover amazing phones deals in just a matter of minutes.

SOURCE My Phone Deals