Myricom Introduces New Myrinet Switches for Large Clusters

Jun 24, 2004, 01:00 ET from Myricom, Inc.

    ARCADIA, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Myricom ( announced
 today at the International Supercomputer Conference in Heidelberg a new series
 of Myrinet switches with up to 1280 fiber ports in a 14U rackmount enclosure.
 These switches are based on a new, 32-port, Myrinet crossbar-switch chip,
 which is also slated for use in other Myricom Myrinet-switch products and in
 OEM blade systems.
     These new products specifically address the growing market for clusters in
 the range from hundreds to thousands of host computers.  They reduce the cost
 of the switch network, and simplify the installation and operation of large
     Myrinet clusters are used for computationally demanding scientific and
 engineering applications, and for data-intensive web and database
 applications.  There are many thousands of Myrinet clusters in use in more
 than 50 countries, including several systems with more than 2000 processors.
 Myrinet technology is used in 37.4% of the June-2004 TOP500 sites.
     This line-card-based series of switches has many configurations.  A
 standalone 256-host full-bisection Clos network has a list price of only
 $312 per host port, and will simplify and reduce the cost of the installation
 of Myrinet clusters of this size.
     A configuration with 256 host ports and 256 interswitch ports is one of
 the building blocks for switch networks for clusters with 512, 768, 1024,
 1280, and all the way up to 8192 hosts.  Two of the "256 up, 256 down"
 switches can be connected together for 512 hosts.  At larger sizes, the
 "256 up, 256 down" units connect to spine switches with up to 1280 ports each.
 A special feature of these large configurations, which are full-bisection Clos
 networks, is that all interswitch connections use quad-fiber ribbon cables,
 thus simplifying installation.
     The high port density of these switches is achieved by using fiber rather
 than copper cables.  Myrinet-2000 fiber links operate at a data rate of 2+2
 Gigabits per second on multimode fiber up to 200m.
     This series of Myrinet switches have a full complement of enterprise
 features.  The 14U rackmount enclosure uses front-to-back air flow, with
 separate air paths for the four hot-swappable N+1 redundant power supplies and
 for the line cards.  The line-card cooling uses two series pairs of hot-
 swappable blowers with N+2 redundancy.  All line cards are also hot-swappable.
     Switch monitoring is provided via dual-redundant 10/100 ethernet ports and
 a built-in color TFT display.  An internal network of microcontrollers reports
 to a Linux-based microprocessor information that includes the status of all
 ports, packet counts, packet errors, internal voltages, currents,
 temperatures, and blower speeds.
     About Myricom
     Myricom, Inc., a privately held California Corporation founded in 1994,
 created Myrinet, the leading high-speed network for connecting computers to
 form clusters.  In addition to direct sales, Myricom supplies Myrinet products
 and software to IBM, HP, Dell, NEC, Sun, Linux Networx, Cray, and many other
 OEM and system-integration companies.
     Myricom and Myrinet are registered trademarks of Myricom, Inc.

SOURCE Myricom, Inc.