Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. Produces a New Photo Chemical Material

Dec 06, 2006, 00:00 ET from Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc.

    SEAFORD, Del., Dec. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nano Chemical Systems
 Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:   NCSH) ("NanoChem's" or "the Company"),
 announced that it has manufactured, in laboratory scale, a unique Nano
 particle which can capture lower energy light. This Nano-material is
 produced via a proprietary process and has been named "Intelligent Dust"
 (ID). What will differentiate NanoChem's core technology is the
 photochemical response from the ID, which will allow us to produce our new
 generation of revolutionary products. Previously, photochemical responses
 have yielded a small usable portion of energy from sunlight, which is only
 found in the sun's high energy ultraviolet waves. NanoChem's photochemical
 response has the ability to harness the large portion of energy in
 sunlight, which will allow for a wider range of applications previously
 unachievable due to the lack of energy found in the UV waves.
     "'Intelligent Dust' mines photons from outdoor and possibly indoor
 light by doping the crystalline structures of materials to tune the
 response to the available light. The excited electrons are then fed to
 application specific coatings producing beneficial, novel and previously
 unachievable results," stated Dr. Mathew Zuckerman, NanoChem's Chief
 Executive Officer. "We are actively pursuing strategic relationships to
 enter new markets for distribution of our proprietary 'Intelligent Dust.'
 We are looking for companies onto which we can piggy-back sales to access
 such disparate markets as disinfection and self-whitening dental fillings."
     "Further, the Company anticipates opening an R&D center proximate to
 centers of excellence for semiconductors and photovoltaic industries in
 California," said Dr. Zuckerman. "The plan is to rapidly conquer
 technological hurdles by modifying existing semiconductor wafer
 manufacturing processes from the current levels achieved in the lab to
 semi-works and full scale manufacturing for the unique needs of controlled
 production of 'Intelligent Dust.'"
     About Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc.
     Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. operates two wholly owned
 subsidiaries: SeaSpray Aerosol, Inc. which produces aerosol and liquid
 filled products for its own product line and private labeling for various
 customers in a 36,000 square foot facility, and Nano Chemical Systems Inc.,
 which is engaged in nanotechnology research and development to enhance its
 own application specific product line for targeted market applications.
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