NANO Commissions Unique Instrument to Analyse 3-D Nanostructure

Dec 21, 2004, 00:00 ET from Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation from ,Nanostructural Analysis

    SYDNEY, Australia and MADISON, Wis., Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The
 Nanostructural Analysis Network Organisation (NANO) has commissioned at the
 University of Sydney a unique state-of-the-art instrument for nanostructural
     The LEAP(R) Atom Probe Microscope developed and marketed by Imago
 Scientific Instruments Corporation, of Madison, Wisconsin USA, represents
 world leading capability for 3-D imaging and analysis at the atomic scale.
     "We are pleased that Australia's national nanotechnology facility has
 selected our instrument for some of their most advanced problems," said Dr.
 Timothy Stultz, President and CEO of Imago Scientific Instruments. Dr. Stultz
 added, "The LEAP(R) Microscope represents a revolutionary scientific
 breakthrough for microscopy -- this technology will have a widespread impact
 on a multitude of industries worldwide."
     Imago recently received the 2004 Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech
 Product of the Year Award for their innovative LEAP(R) Metrology System. The
 LEAP Microscope also won the R&D 100 Award, an award sponsored by R&D
 Magazine, which recognizes the 100 most technologically innovative products
 introduced into the marketplace in the past year.
     "The atom probe is a powerful instrument for exploring the structure and
 function of materials at the atomic scale and will contribute greatly to the
 field of alloy design," said Simon Ringer, Director of the Electron Microscope
 Unit at the University of Sydney and Executive Director NANO-MNRF. "We are
 already using the instrument to investigate a variety of light alloys
 including magnesium and aluminum and have plans to examine a range of other
 materials. This will place NANO at the forefront in the use of atom probe
 tomography to investigate the nanoscale."
     Ellie Kable, Laboratory Manager added, "Of all the vendors whose
 instruments we have purchased, it has been a pleasure to work with Imago
 Scientific Instruments -- this has been a dream installation."
     All Australian and international researchers who have an interest in
 atomic analysis of alloys can gain access the new atom probe facility through
 the NANO Travel and Access Program.
     NANO ( ) is one of 15 Australian Major National
 Research Facilities. It has been formed as an unincorporated joint venture
 between the Universities of Sydney, Queensland, New South Wales, Western
 Australia, and Melbourne, and also includes Imago Scientific Incorporated of
 Wisconsin, USA.
     NANO receives funding from the Commonwealth Government and from several
 State governments as well as from industry. This MNRF was designed to unite a
 number of Australian university microscopy and microanalysis centres into a
 single national network of laboratories, unified in terms of both equipment
 and research expertise.  Thus the NANO-MNRF provides the peak Australian
 facility for the nano-metric analysis of the structure and chemistry of
 materials in physical and biological systems.
     Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation ( ) is the
 recognized world leader in the development of Nanolytical(R) tools and
 solutions for manufactures, engineers, scientists and researchers involved in
 the nano-technology revolution. Imago is committed to the sustained
 advancement of nano-science and continually develops groundbreaking
 Nanolytical solutions to address unique issues facing our clients and
     Imago has developed a worldwide customer base and delivers support from a
 number of locations in the United States, Japan, and Asia Pacific.  Imago is
 an industry partner in NANO-MNRF.

SOURCE Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation; Nanostructural Analysis