Nano Interface Technology Ranked 5th Among 50 National Winners of Pitching Across America

Nov 14, 2005, 00:00 ET from Nano Interface Technology, Inc.

    LORTON, Va., Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Nano Interface Technology, Inc.
 (NITI) has been chosen as one of the 50 National Winners of 2005 Pitching
 Across America Competition. NITI is the only Nanotechnology Company in top 5
 winners (
 FundingPost has established the competition in which 100 Venture Capital Funds
 and Angel Investors participated as judges, voting on 300 business summaries
 from emerging companies nationwide. The largest Venture Capital competition
 ever organized, this year's "Pitching Across America" was sponsored by Wolf
 Block and PR Newswire.
     "We are very pleased to be selected among National winners of Pitching
 across America," said C. P. Singh, CEO of Nano Interface Technology.  "Winning
 this competition from 300 contestants provides strong validation for our
 product, team and business model. This truly provides us an excellent exposure
 with the potential investors and allows us to attract good quality business
     "Ever since Nano Interface Technology signed up for FundingPost, we knew
 they were a success-story in the making," said Joe Rubin, Director,
 FundingPost, "They have amazing technology and a team that knows how to take
 this company to the next level. NITI fills a strong need in the marketplace
 and we are proud that the Investors voted them as one of the winners of
 Pitching Across America!"
     About Company:
     NITI has developed nanotechnology-derived economical ultra-pure coatings
 for orthopedic and dental implants which FDA has been looking for many years.
 The NIH Nanotech review panel validates NITI's proprietary technology by
 stating "excellent quality of the product and its enormous clinical benefits."
 For the last 20 years, the lifespan of orthopedic and dental implants has been
 10-12 years with revision rate of 17%. The ultra-pure coatings developed by
 the NITI will reduce the postoperative pain and increase the lifespan of these
 implants from 12 years to 20 years or longer resulting in reduced revision. In
 terms of immediate benefits, the reduced pain will significantly decrease the
 use of high strength painkillers which will improve the quality of life of the
 patients. The reduction in the revision rate of hip and knee implants from 17%
 to 12% has the potential of saving $900M per year in the US. Since this
 material is currently used for the coating of implants, therefore, implants
 developed using purer material will easily get rapid clinical acceptance and
 fast market penetration. NITI will market the products after in vivo studies
 in the next 3 years. The worldwide market size of the orthopedic and dental
 implants is $15B per year with 15%-25% growth rate. NITI foresees annual
 revenue of $228 Millions based on market shares of 0.5% ($187M) in orthopedic
 implants and 7% ($41M) in dental implants.  NITI's product offers excellent
 opportunity for capturing 70% of the market by providing superior coatings of
 biomaterials on the implants. Certain statements included in this press
 release may constitute forward-looking statements. For more information,
 please visit

SOURCE Nano Interface Technology, Inc.