Nanogen Announces Type II Diabetes Research Collaboration

May 15, 2006, 01:00 ET from Nanogen, Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, May 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nanogen, Inc. (Nasdaq:  
 NGEN), developer of advanced diagnostic products, has announced a
 collaboration agreement with Oy Jurilab, Ltd., the Finnish genomics
 company. The collaboration is designed to identify and validate new
 prognostic markers for type II diabetes, one of the leading causes of death
 in the United States.
     "There are 20 million children and adults living with diabetes in the
 U.S., and many of them are undiagnosed until they develop complications,"
 said Howard C. Birndorf, Nanogen chairman and chief executive officer.
 "Combining genetic data about risk with early intervention strategies can
 have a significant impact on reducing disease incidence and severity, and
 we expect to see extensive demand for prognostic and diagnostic tests, as
 well as for new effective drugs."
     Complications arising from diabetes include heart disease, stroke,
 blindness, kidney disease, and nervous system damage, and constitute a
 tremendous economic burden on healthcare systems. Global incidence of
 diabetes has been on the rise, in both developed and developing countries,
 and is projected to reach 220 million by 2010.
     Jurilab has access to genetic screening of an isolated population in
 East Finland, which is derived from one of the most genetically homogeneous
 populations available. Estimated at approximately 20 generations old, it is
 about half the age of other populations employed in screening programs.
 Fewer generations result in less genetic variation, and statistically
 significant data can be derived from relatively small sample groups,
 reducing research time and costs.
     Through the current agreement, Nanogen will gain access to markers
 identified by Jurilab in genome-wide screens. Certain markers seem to be
 associated with predisposition to diabetes; others appear to protect
 against developing the disease. Both Jurilab and Nanogen plan to validate
 the diabetes associations of these markers in populations outside Finland,
 including case controls in Catalonia, England, Germany, and from Ashkenazi
 Jews. Subsequent to validation, Nanogen intends to develop diagnostic tests
 for panels of confirmed markers, and the companies will jointly seek
 licensing opportunities with pharmaceutical companies to develop
 therapeutics based on genes determined to play a causative role in the
     "The collaboration with Jurilab offers an opportunity for us to expand
 our presence in the pharmacogenetics arena," said David Ludvigson,
 president and chief operating officer of Nanogen. "The program has
 potential to lead to the development of new prognostic and diagnostic
 reagents and also provide licensing opportunities for new drug targets."
     About Nanogen, Inc.
     Nanogen's advanced technologies provide researchers, clinicians and
 physicians worldwide with improved methods and tools to predict, diagnose,
 and ultimately help treat disease. The company's products include real-time
 PCR reagents, the NanoChip(R) electronic microarray platform and a line of
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     About Jurilab Ltd.
     Oy Jurilab Ltd is dedicated to applying its proprietary discoveries of
 genes and genetic markers associated with the underlying cause of common
 diseases and drug response across healthcare. The company's current product
 emphasis is on Disease Risk Assessment and Molecular Subtyping Tests,
 Human-Validated Drug Targets, Pharmacogenetic Profiling Tests and
 biochemical and genotyping services. For additional information, please see
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