Nanogen Issued Patents for Biomarker Discovery and Nucleic Acid Manipulation Technologies

May 24, 2005, 01:00 ET from Nanogen, Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, May 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nanogen, Inc. (Nasdaq:   NGEN),
 developer of advanced diagnostic products, announced today it was issued two
 patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including U.S. Patent
 No. 6,891,154, "Amino Acid Sequence Pattern Matching" and No. 6,893,822,
 "Enzymatic modification of a nucleic acid-synthetic binding unit conjugate."
 Nanogen's growing portfolio of 128 U.S. patents now includes intellectual
 property related to novel biomarker discovery technology and methods of
 isolating nucleic acids on a microarray.
     "The technology that these patents cover can improve our ability to find
 appropriate biomarkers and can improve the use of multiplexing in diagnostics,
 helping us to bring valuable diagnostic solutions to the market," said Howard
 C. Birndorf, Nanogen's chairman of the board and chief executive officer.
 "The amino acid matching technology has been used internally to expedite
 protein biomarker discovery, providing Nanogen the potential to identify novel
 biomarkers of disease for future diagnostic product development.  In addition,
 our SBU technology promotes specificity and flexibility in the use of our
     The '154 patent relates to software designed for amino acid sequencing
 pattern matching and determining the number of possible sequences consistent
 with the molecular weight of the amino acid.  The essential task of
 determining the amino acid sequence of an unknown protein depends on sorting
 through a large amount of data generated by a mass spectrometer, which can be
 time consuming and difficult.  In addition, variables such as noise
 filtration, offsets in samples and multiple sample preparation methods can
 result in unacceptable readings from several samples.  This sequence pattern
 matching software is designed to provide a superior method for analyzing a
 large amount of data to identify unique amino acid sequences quickly, which is
 key to proteomic biomarker discovery.  The software was developed by SynX
 Pharma, a Nanogen subsidiary.
     The '822 patent relates to methods using novel synthetic binding units
 (SBUs) with very high specificity and sensitivity, linked to nucleic acids as
 primers in a PCR or other nucleic acid amplification and detection reaction.
 The SBUs only bind to a very specific complement SBU, which may be on a
 microarray chip. The SBU can act similarly to the commonly-used
 biotin/strepavidin binding pair but many different SBU pairs can be
 synthesized.  In a multiplex amplification, unique primers can be paired with
 unique SBUs so that upon detection on a microarray, the amplified products
 array themselves automatically to bind with a complementary SBU attached to
 the array.  Alternatively a SBU can be used as a label to detect a specific
 nucleic acid.  The '822 patent adds to a family of technologies that allows
 for novel methods of active construction of arrays of immobilized nucleic
 acids utilizing prefabricated arrays of SBUs.
     About Nanogen, Inc.
     Nanogen's advanced diagnostics provide physicians and patients worldwide
 with sophisticated information to predict, diagnose and treat disease.
 Research and clinical reference labs use the highly accurate and reliable
 NanoChip(R) Molecular Biology Workstation, NanoChip(R) Electronic Microarray
 and broad suite of analyte specific reagents to develop diagnostic tests for
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 and are compatible with many systems.  The SynX subsidiary offers a line of
 point-of-care diagnostic tests and is building expertise in cardiac related
 health conditions.  Nanogen's ten years of pioneering research involving
 nanotechnology may also have future applications in medical diagnostics,
 biowarfare and other industries.  For additional information please visit
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