NanoHorizons(TM) Founder, CTO to Present at EuroFutureTex 2005 in Padua, Italy

Dr. Stephen Fonash will share his unique perspective on nanotechnology and the

textile industry

Oct 25, 2005, 01:00 ET from NanoHorizons, Inc.

    STATE COLLEGE, Pa., and PADUA, Italy, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ --
 NanoHorizons(TM), Inc. today announced that Dr. Stephen J. Fonash, the
 company's founder, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer and one of the world's
 leading experts in nanotechnology, will speak at EuroFutureTex 2005.
 EuroFutureTex 2005 will be held in Padua, Italy from November 8-9, 2005.
     Dr. Fonash's presentation, "Making nanotechnology relevant to the textile
 industry: Creating new markets and business in the textile industry" will
 explore the pivotal role that nanotechnology plays in the continuous
 improvement of textiles. Dr. Fonash will share his observations regarding the
 evolution of nanotechnology over the many years of his involvement, his views
 on the opportunities for improvements in fibers and fabrics, and will comment
 on prevalent abuse of the term "nanotechnology". His discussion will also
 include NanoHorizons' nanoscale-engineered additives for fiber and fabric-
 based products. NanoHorizons provides the technology that makes ARC Outdoors'
 new antimicrobial E47(TM) fabrics possible. ARC Outdoors/ArcticShield(R) (ARC)
 is the exclusive distributor of these additives to the textiles industry.
     "The caliber of our speakers, which includes representatives from the
 largest textile industry associations, to leading research centers, to
 influential technology companies such as NanoHorizons, attracts conference
 attendees from around the globe," commented Dr. Cristina Roman, of Cientifica.
 Roman continued, "I attribute the success of EuroFutureTex to the
 participation of industry leaders such as Dr. Fonash."
     About EuroFutureTex
     EuroFutureTex ( will explore the array of
 technologies that enable the textile industry to develop new products and
 markets at an unprecedented rate. EuroFutureTex replaces EuroNanoTex, which
 was the first European conference to highlight how nanotechnology enables the
 textile industry to improve its competitiveness. The conference's focus
 continues to be the opportunities provided by nanotechnologies, but has been
 expanded to include the impact on the textile industry of microtechnologies
 that are evolving to the nanoscale.
     About Dr. Stephen Fonash
     Dr. Stephen Fonash holds the Bayard D. Kunkle Chair in Engineering
 Sciences and is the Director of the Center for Nanotechnology Education and
 Utilization at Penn State University (PSU).  He is the founding director of
 the Penn State Nanofabrication Facility, which is a national R&D user facility
 and one of the "charter" institutions of the National Science Foundation's
 (NSF) National Nanofabrication Users Network (NNUN). Dr. Fonash is currently
 the director of the PSU site of the National Nanofabrication Infrastructure
 Network (NNIN), the NSF's successor to NNUN. He is also currently director of
 Pennsylvania Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (NMT) Partnership and of
 its NSF Advanced Technology Education Center in Nanotechnology.
     Fonash's education contributions focus on nanotechnology workforce
 development and on nanotechnology education at the secondary and post-
 secondary level. His research activities encompass the processing and device
 physics of micro- and nanostructures. Current research programs include
 studies of the effects of nanoparticle plasmon-related enhancement of optical
 characterization techniques, electrical sensing based on nanowires, solar
 cells exploiting nanotechnology, and nanowire thin film transistors on glass.
     Dr. Fonash's industry activities include his founding of the
 nanotechnology company NanoHorizons and his serving as a consultant to a
 variety of firms. He has published over 250 refereed papers in the areas of
 education, nanotechnology, photovoltaics, microelectronics devices and
 process, sensors, and TFTs. He has also published one book, contributed to
 numerous book chapters, and holds 22 patents in his research areas. Prof.
 Fonash received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Fellow of
 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and of the
 Electrochemical Society.
     About NanoHorizons, Inc.
     NanoHorizons, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Dr. Fonash. The Company focuses
 on nanotechnology applications in the drug discovery, fiber and textile,
 microelectronics and healthcare industries. The company has licensed a
 comprehensive portfolio of nanotechnology Intellectual Property from the
 Pennsylvania State University, and its research and development team
 continuously produces real-life solutions to key problems using applied
     NanoHorizons's products and application introductions include:
 QuickMass(TM), which addresses the need for more cost-effective pharmaceutical
 research and increased drug discovery capacity; the Postflex process for
 flexible displays, circuits and sensors on plastic; nano-materials for sensors
 for environmental control, respiration monitoring and medical diagnostics;
 and, commercially available noble-metal nanoparticle products.  To learn more
 about NanoHorizons, please visit For inquiries
 related to E47(TM) antimicrobial fibers and fabrics based on nanoscale-
 engineered additives from NanoHorizons, please contact ARC Outdoors at
     Dexter Johnson
     + 34 66 77 24 345
     Perrin McCormick
     Hart-Boillot, LLC
     Dennis I. Schneider
     NanoHorizons, Inc.

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