NanoHorizons(TM) Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Antimicrobial Fiber Additives

High-Tech Anti-Odor Polyester and Cotton Fabrics Available Only From ARC

Outdoors; ARC to Launch E47 Brand

Jul 27, 2005, 01:00 ET from NanoHorizons, Inc.

    STATE COLLEGE, Penn., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoHorizons(TM), Inc. today
 announced that it has signed an exclusive multi-year, multi-million dollar
 distribution agreement with ARC Outdoors/ArcticShield(R) (ARC) covering
 nanoscale-engineered additives for fiber and fabric-based products.
 NanoHorizons will provide the technology that makes ARC's new antimicrobial
 E47 fabrics possible. NanoHorizons' agreement with ARC covers all
 antimicrobial fiber and fabric-based applications of NanoHorizons' additives.
     Nanoscale Antimicrobial Properties
     ARC has announced a line of fabrics utilizing NanoHorizons' additives to
 be sold under their new E47 brand name. E47 fibers and textiles are based on
 NanoHorizons E47 Polyester Master Compound and NanoHorizons E47 Cotton
 Additive. These nanoscale-engineered additives contain highly-specialized
 nanoparticles whose molecular designs enable them to permanently integrate
 antimicrobial properties into cotton and polyester products, without otherwise
 affecting the fundamental performance properties of the base fiber.
     NanoHorizons will also be developing additional additives for other
 polymers, such as nylon and polypropylene.
     Real-World Testing
     NanoHorizons has taken a real-world approach to testing its products'
 effectiveness. To reflect every-day situations and real-world scenarios for
 active-wear, NanoHorizons has put its fibers through 6-hour effectiveness
 tests. These represent a more realistic time-frame than commonly quoted 24-
 hour tests, on which e47 also meets or exceeds industry expectations. To
 ensure accurate testing, NanoHorizons has engaged NAMSA, an independent
 biomedical testing company. In NAMSA's independent tests, NanoHorizons'
 antimicrobial additives were exceptionally effective in controlling the common
 microbes diphtheria (corynebacterium diphtheriae) and staph (staphylococcus
     Immediate Manufacturing and Availability
     NanoHorizons has begun manufacturing industrial quantities of E47
 Polyester Master Compound and E47 Cotton Additive in its new production
 facility in Pennsylvania, with first shipments of industrial quantities
 scheduled for delivery to ARC in August.
     E47 will be the key technology ingredient in a new line of high-tech anti-
 odor apparel from ARC. ARC will integrate E47 fabrics into its own line of
 apparel, and will also be producing antimicrobial fabrics and yarns for sale
 to other manufacturers. To ensure quality and effectiveness, NanoHorizons will
 specify exact recipes used in the fiber and fabric production processes and
 test all E47 fabrics created.
     "Our E47-based products raise the bar for performance apparel," said J. T.
 Griffin, CEO, ARC. "The outdoor recreation market has seen great advances in
 activity-related apparel over the last few years, but nothing compares to new
 nanotechnology-based capabilities, such as E47's anti-scent properties that
 are permanently integrated into the fibers of our garments."
     "Both military and consumer suppliers have tried to integrate
 antimicrobial properties in apparel and gear," said Robert Burlinson, CEO,
 NanoHorizons. "Nothing we have seen on the market matches the durability, ease
 of use and low cost of our additives. Now the permanent integration of
 antimicrobial properties into a host of products and applications has become a
     For more information and to learn more about the science behind E47,
 please call NanoHorizons or visit the company's Web site at, or ARC Outdoors/ArcticShield(R) at
     Additional information on E47 fibers and fabrics technology is available
     For background information about nanotechnology, please click on:
     About NanoHorizons, Inc.
     NanoHorizons, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Dr. Stephen Fonash, founder and
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