NanoMarkets Announces New Research Program on Role of Nanotech in Drug Discovery and Drug-Delivery Markets

Nov 30, 2004, 00:00 ET from NanoMarkets

    STERLING, Va., Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets has recently launched a
 new research project that addresses the role of nanotechnology in drug
 discovery and drug delivery.  The findings will be released early in the first
 quarter of 2005.  More information about the project can be viewed at
     The cost and quality of healthcare will soon dominate virtually every
 fabric of society.  Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are under
 immense pressures to produce a steady stream of affordable, yet innovative and
 well-differentiated drugs.  However, to develop and market a drug, it
 currently takes an estimated seven to ten years at costs that exceed $800
 million.  And, every year approximately $65 billion in drug revenues are
 accounted for by pharmaceuticals with poor bio-availability which results in
 higher patient costs, inefficient treatment but, more importantly, increased
 risks of toxicity or even death.  Nanotechnology has been discussed in several
 circles as a means to not only improve drug discovery and drug-delivery
 systems, but also as a means of creating new profitable products for
 pharmaceutical companies.
     About the Program:
     NanoMarkets' research is broken out into two parts.  The first addresses
 the major drivers, restraints and challenges for current and emerging
 applications of nanotechnology in drug discovery. Areas covered include nano-
 enabled drug discovery technologies/tools, nano-enabled drugs and an
 assessment of key market engineering parameters. The technologies/tools
 covered include nanoarrays, nanomasspectrometry, nanolithography arrays,
 biological chips, congruent force intermolecular test, and solubility and
 reformulation methods. This report provides global market coverage and
 discusses funding, regulatory and ethical issues in the major industrial
 countries, with worldwide market forecasts over an eight-year forecast period.
     The second segment examines the business opportunities that are being
 created by nano-engineered solutions for the drug-delivery market. It examines
 which of the many emerging nano-enabled drug-delivery systems have the best
 prospects and when and where they are likely to be used. Areas covered include
 encapsulation technologies, implantable delivery methods, imaging agents and
 microneedles. Technologies covered include dendrimers, nanotubes and
 fullerenes, nanoparticles, quantum dots and magnetic/electrical targeting
 methods. The report also takes a look at the technical, market and regulatory
 barriers to implementing nano-enabled drug-delivery systems, and it notes
 likely differences in implementation patterns in the major industrialized
 countries. This report forecasts the market for new technologies broken out by
 drug-delivery type and technology platform.
     For Additional Information:
     NanoMarkets is making the reports available at a discounted rate through
 the end of 2004.  For additional information about these reports, you may
 contact Robert Nolan at or (571) 434-7520 or visit to learn more.
     About NanoMarkets:
     NanoMarkets analyzes the impact of nanotechnology on both established and
 emerging markets with a focus on the realms of communications, IT,
 semiconductors, bio-medical and energy.  The firm provides market research
 reports, customized industry analyses and general market commentary for
 companies looking to capitalize on nanotechnology-based opportunities.

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