NanoMarkets, LC Releases New White Paper on Nanomemory and Nanostorage Market

Jul 12, 2004, 01:00 ET from NanoMarkets, LC

    STERLING, Va., July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets, LC, a leading
 nanotechnology industry market research and analysis firm based here, today
 announced the release of a new white paper titled, "Opportunities in the
 Nanostorage Market" that pinpoints key trends and market drivers that are
 creating the need for nanostorage. It also discusses some of the initiatives
 within companies such as IBM, AMD, Cypress Semiconductor, Intel and Motorola.
 The paper is drawn from NanoMarkets' upcoming report on nanostorage and
 nanomemory markets that will be released later this month.  The paper can be
 accessed from the firm's website at
     According to NanoMarkets, nanotechnology may soon have the solution to the
 burgeoning need for data storage.  Today, the lowest hanging fruit for
 nanotechnology is materials.  But as nanotubes become commoditized, the "next-
 hanging fruits" will be found in the memory sector. Here, at last, is where
 nanotechnology can move beyond mere technological curiosity and begin the true
 nature of its calling as a technological enabler, disruptor and . . .
 moneymaker.  NanoMarkets believes that Nanostorage offers the best chance of
 bringing computing to the next level -- and along the way provide some real
 opportunities for new business, new markets and new profit.  The paper goes on
 to say that nanostorage will bring about innovation that will lead to nano-
 enabled databases that will move data warehousing and data mining to new
 realms, the end of disk drives as we know them and new opportunities for web
 content businesses.
     About NanoMarkets, LC:
     NanoMarkets' mission is to measure the impact of nanotechnology on the
 communications, information technology and computing industries, and provide
 both qualitative and quantitative assessments of the opportunities available
 to companies operating within these markets as well as the component,
 semiconductor, materials and manufacturing companies that supply them. Through
 our reports, market briefs and customized client engagements, NanoMarkets'
 clients are able to receive insightful value chain analyses that determine
 where and how nanotechnology will impact both their business operations and
 profit potential.  Visit for additional details
 about the company.

SOURCE NanoMarkets, LC