NanoMarkets Releases New Series of Reports on Nanoelectronics Markets

Jan 12, 2005, 00:00 ET from NanoMarkets

    STERLING, Va., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets, a leading industry
 consultancy based here, today announced the release of a new series of reports
 that examine key areas of the emerging nanoelectronics market.  The subjects
 covered in the series include MRAM, plastic electronics, nano-enabled
 displays, carbon nanotube electronics and the impact of nanotechnology on
 semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  Details about the reports can be found
 on the firm's website,
     About the Program:
     These new reports from NanoMarkets combine technology assessments, eight-
 year market forecasts and appraisals of the market strategies of leading firms
 active in these respective markets.  Established companies covered include
 Intel, HP, IBM, Dupont, Freescale Semi, Philips, GE, Infineon, Honeywell and
 Hitachi.  Start-ups covered include Nanosolar, Nanosys, Molecular Nanosystems,
 Nantero and Xintek.  In considering the opportunities available for companies,
 NanoMarkets selected five key growth areas that offer the most promise for
 both the near term and intermediate future.  The reports are available as a
 subscription service or may be purchased individually.  Through the end of
 January the firm has announced a special pricing program.  For additional
 information about these reports, contact Robert Nolan at
 or (571) 434-7520 or visit to learn more.
     About NanoMarkets:
     NanoMarkets analyzes the impact of nanotechnology on both established and
 emerging markets with a focus on the realms of communications, IT,
 semiconductors, bio-medical and energy.  The firm provides market research
 reports, customized industry analyses and general market commentary for
 companies looking to capitalize on nanotechnology-based opportunities.

SOURCE NanoMarkets