NanoMarkets Releases New White Paper on Plastic Electronics Markets

Feb 22, 2005, 00:00 ET from NanoMarkets

    STERLING, Va., Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets, a leading industry
 consultancy based here, today announced the release of a new white paper that
 addresses the opportunities available in plastic electronics. Titled, "Routes
 to Success in Plastic Electronics and Their Challenges," the paper is
 available for immediate download from the firm's web site,
     Plastic electronics holds out the prospect of new products with reasonable
 times-to-market and large revenue potential. According to NanoMarkets'
 recently published report, "Plastic Electronics: A Technology Analysis and
 Eight-Year Forecast," the market for plastic electronics products will grow
 from around $70 million today to $5.8 billion by 2009. In its new paper, the
 firm discusses some of the advantages of plastic electronics over traditional
 CMOS platforms, the applications and products made possible through plastic
 electronics and the opportunities presented in both materials and
 manufacturing strategy decisions. Lastly, the firm outlines how and when new
 products and applications are likely to evolve and over what time frame.
 Companies mentioned in the paper include DuPont, Lucent, Merck, Xerox, HP,
 Siemens, Sony, Molecular Imprints, Motorola and 3M.
     Please visit the NanoMarkets website at to
 access the paper as well as learn more about the company's research into the
 emerging nanoelectronics marketplace.
     About NanoMarkets:
     NanoMarkets analyzes the impact of nanotechnology on both established and
 emerging markets with a focus on the realms of communications, IT,
 semiconductors, bio-medical and energy.  The firm provides market research
 reports, customized industry analyses and general market commentary for
 companies looking to capitalize on nanotechnology-based opportunities.

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