NanoMarkets Releases New White Paper on Printable Electronics Markets

Aug 23, 2005, 01:00 ET from NanoMarkets

    GLEN ALLEN, Va., Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets, a leading industry
 consulting firm based here, today announced the release of a new white paper
 titled, "A Roadmap for Printable Electronics" that examines the market
 opportunities and product timeframes for printable electronics.  The research
 on which this paper is based was drawn from NanoMarkets' new report,
 "Printable Electronics: Roadmaps, Markets and Opportunities," that will be
 released the week of August 29th.  The paper can be accessed from the firm's
 website at or by emailing a request to
     Printable electronics promises to create circuits using organic polymer or
 nanometallic inks, laid down using either conventional printing technologies,
 such as offset, or with ink-jet printers, such as the systems currently being
 developed by Litrex and Dimatix.  This new way of creating electronics will
 lead to a variety of new products that could not be created using conventional
 CMOS processes. These new products are likely to include printed RFID tags
 that will be inexpensive enough to compete with barcodes, highly flexible
 computer displays, and photovoltaic arrays that can be printed directly onto
 roofing and wall-building materials.
     These future products, and more, are now being routinely touted by
 materials equipment and electronics firms that are active in this space, such
 as 3M, Cambridge Display Technology, DuPont, Hitachi, Motorola, Philips and
 Plastic Logic. Analysis by NanoMarkets suggests that within two or three years
 printable electronics will become widely available. However, it is also clear
 from NanoMarkets' research that companies in the printable electronics market
 hold different views on the timetable for printable electronics. Estimates of
 commercial viability can differ by as much as four years.  The new white paper
 illustrates a possible product roadmap for the printable electronics industry
 based on what the firm views to be possible technologically and from demand-
 side analysis.
     About NanoMarkets:
     NanoMarkets' mission is to measure the impact of new technologies on both
 established and emerging markets with a focus on the realms of electronics,
 energy and bio-medical markets.  Through its reports, market briefs and
 customized client engagements NanoMarkets' clients are able to receive
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