NanoMarkets Releases Two White Papers on Nanotechnology and Its Impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Feb 23, 2005, 00:00 ET from NanoMarkets LC

    STERLING, Va., Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets LC, a leading industry
 consultancy based here, today announced the release of two White Papers that
 forecast and analyze the role of nanotechnology in drug discovery and drug
 delivery.  The papers are available for immediate download from the firm's web
     About the Papers:
     In the first paper, "Nano-Enabled Drug Discovery: Seven Technologies to
 Watch," NanoMarkets examines the impact that a range of new nanotechnologies
 will have on the drug discovery process.  Technologies discussed in this paper
 include Atomic Force Microscopy, Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopes,
 Surface Plasmon Resonance, Nano Mass Spectrometry, Dip-pen Nanolithography,
 Nano-Arrays and Quantum Dots.
     The new White Paper shows how these technologies will lead to important
 improvements in drug discovery.  Among the improvements that NanoMarkets
 expects to see are:
     *  Better imaging (including real-time imaging), providing researchers
        with a deeper understanding of how biological processes are affected by
        a new compound.
     *  More sensitive fundamental research techniques for drug discovery
        applications using of dip pen technology.
     *  Major improvements in today's microarray and fluorescent dye
     NanoMarkets believes that all of these improvements will be highly valued
 in a drug industry that is finding it harder to produce new drugs -- and
 especially new blockbuster drugs.  It is increasingly seeking new drug
 discovery technologies that can improve R&D success rates and time to market.
 NanoMarkets therefore believes that these improvements are likely to lead to
 substantial new business revenues over the next few years.
     In "Six Opportunities in Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery Systems," NanoMarkets
 examines six types of drug delivery systems in which nanotechnology is likely
 to have an impact: Injectable delivery systems, Implantable delivery systems,
 Oral delivery systems Topical Delivery Systems, Transdermal Systems, and Toxin
 Removal. As this list suggests, nanotechnological improvements promise to
 impact almost every common mode of drug delivery, and nano-enabled drug
 delivery is likely to be broadly felt:
     *  Improvements from these systems will include lower drug toxicity,
        lowering cost of treatments, improved bioavailability and extension of
        the economic life of proprietary drugs
     *  Nano-enabled drug delivery will provide improvements in the treatment
        of some of the most widespread diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.
     NanoMarkets believes that not only will the nano-enabled drug delivery
 market be one of the first true nanomedicine markets to evolve, but that
 significant revenue opportunities for participants will be created.
     About NanoMarkets' Research Program:
     NanoMarkets is currently conducting an extensive examination of the
 opportunities for the application of nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical
 sector.  The first deliverables will be available in March of 2005 and will
 address the major drivers, restraints and challenges for current and emerging
 applications of nanotechnology in drug discovery and drug-delivery markets.
 NanoMarkets is making the reports available at a discounted rate through March
 11.  For additional information about these reports, you may contact the firm
 at or (703) 430-1291 or visit
 to learn more.
     About NanoMarkets:
     NanoMarkets analyzes the impact of nanotechnology on both established and
 emerging markets with a focus on the realms of communications, IT,
 semiconductors, bio-medical and energy.  The firm provides market research
 reports, customized industry analyses and general market commentary for
 companies looking to capitalize on nanotechnology-based opportunities.

SOURCE NanoMarkets LC