NanoMarkets Releases Two White Papers on Nanotechnology and Its Impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dec 14, 2004, 00:00 ET from NanoMarkets

    STERLING, Va., Dec. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets, a leading industry
 consultancy based here, today announced the release of two white papers that
 address the role of nanotechnology in drug discovery and drug delivery.  The
 papers are available for immediate download from the firm's web site,
     As the pharmaceutical industry matures, meeting Wall Street's aggressive
 growth expectations becomes increasingly difficult.  Many companies will
 continue to grow via merger and acquisition activity and through internal
 development of high-value compounds.  Nonetheless, over the next decade,
 several blockbuster drugs will go off patent, resulting in an estimated loss
 of $30-$40 billion in annual product revenues as generic drugs enter the
 market.  This change is accelerating the industry's constant need to "build
 the pipeline" of new compounds, and to rapidly enter new markets.  Naturally,
 these trends are creating new challenges and opportunities in drug discovery.
 It is also a significant driver of change in Drug Delivery Systems (DDS),
 which are increasingly being used to alleviate some of the industry's concerns
 by extending product and patent lifecycles, creating New Chemical Entities
 (NCE's) via reformulation of existing and/or orphaned compounds, and
 subsequent creation of value for shareholders and consumers.  When you add in
 the massive amount of nanotechnology and pharmaceutical R&D funding now
 available worldwide, the drug delivery industry is evolving rapidly and is
 nearly unrecognizable from its humble beginnings in the 1960's.  This $40-
 billion market has seen double-digit growth for the past two decades, and the
 industry's success has spawned intense competition.
     NanoMarkets believes that important opportunities exist at the
 intersection of nanotechnology and traditional pharmaceutical R&D, though much
 uncertainty remains on how this will affect the industry.
     About the Papers:
     The first paper titled, "Factors Pushing the Growth of Nano-Enabled Drug
 Discovery," examines how nanotechnology can enhance the drug discovery process
 and discusses how various economic, technical, financial and societal trends
 are pointing to real opportunities.  Although at an embryonic stage of
 development, nano-enabled drugs are already bringing clinical benefits to
 thousands of patients.  The second paper titled, "The Nano-Enabled Drug
 Delivery Systems Market," discusses the contributions that nanotechnology is
 making to the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of solubility enhancements,
 reduced development costs, greater targeting availability and consumer-
 friendly products.  The paper goes on to examine market competition,
 challenges and trends pointing toward a greater need for nanotech based
     About NanoMarkets' Research Program:
     NanoMarkets is currently conducting an extensive examination of the
 opportunities for the application of nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical
 sector.  The first deliverables will be available early in the first quarter
 of 2005 and will address the major drivers, restraints and challenges for
 current and emerging applications of nanotechnology in drug discovery and
 drug-delivery markets.  NanoMarkets is making the reports available at a
 discounted rate through the end of 2004.  For additional information about
 these reports, you may contact Robert Nolan at or
 (571) 434-7520 or visit to learn more.
     About NanoMarkets:
     NanoMarkets analyzes the impact of nanotechnology on both established and
 emerging markets with a focus on the realms of communications, IT,
 semiconductors, bio-medical and energy.  The firm provides market research
 reports, customized industry analyses and general market commentary for
 companies looking to capitalize on nanotechnology-based opportunities.

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