Nanomix Receives Two U.S. Patents in Alternative Energy

Hydrogen Storage Advancements for Vehicle and Fuel Cell Power

Dec 09, 2004, 00:00 ET from Nanomix Inc.

    EMERYVILLE, Calif., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Nanomix Inc., a leading
 nanotechnology company which is commercializing a line of nanoelectronic
 sensors for industrial and biomedical applications, today announced that it
 has been issued two U.S. patents in hydrogen storage technology.  Efficient,
 high-density hydrogen storage promises to be a practical and cost-effective
 energy storage solution for the emerging fuel cell industry. The newly
 patented technology largely avoids the current limitations of liquid hydrogen
 storage. Using novel nano-materials, Nanomix hydrogen storage systems will
 meet the performance needs of automotive and portable electronic applications.
     "Our recent progress in hydrogen storage technology is encouraging," said
 David Macdonald, CEO and President of Nanomix. "The new patents describe an
 easier way to store, transport and deliver hydrogen. These advancements lower
 the weight and raise the storage temperature of liquid hydrogen, dramatically
 reducing costs. We are currently seeking an industrial partner for the
 continued development of commercial and automotive hydrogen energy systems
 based on the patented technology."
     Patents (Publication No.:  US 6,672,077 and US 6,748,748), are the first
 patents to be issued from the Nanomix' hydrogen storage portfolio, which also
 includes several additional pending applications. The patent describes the low
 temperature storage of hydrogen using novel nanostructured materials including
 light elements, so as to permit non-chemically-bound low-pressure storage of
 hydrogen. Typically hydrogen is stored at 20 K, Nanomix technology makes
 storage possible at temperatures greater than the liquefaction temperature of
 nitrogen, 77 K. This innovation has the potential to make hydrogen storage
 much more cost effective and has been successfully prototyped by Nanomix. The
 system employs a combination of thermal insulation and a cold enclosure for
 the storage and controlled distribution of hydrogen as a high-energy fuel.
 This setup largely avoids the storage life limitations, energy penalties,
 and/or weight penalties associated with other technologies for liquid hydrogen
 storage as well as high-pressure gas-phase hydrogen storage.
     About Nanomix
     Nanomix is an exciting nanotechnology company currently launching a menu
 of nanoelectronic detection devices combining carbon nanotube electronics with
 silicon microstructures. These sensors will add value across a broad range of
 industrial and medical applications where the attributes of
 nanotechnology -- low power consumption, small size, and high sensitivity
 offer significant performance advantages. Founded in 2000, Nanomix is located
 in Emeryville, California. For additional information, please visit or email

SOURCE Nanomix Inc.