Nanotechnology Information Provider Publishes Premiere Edition of 'nanoRISK'; Newsletter Will Make 'Constructive Contribution'

Jun 08, 2006, 01:00 ET from Nanowerk LLC

    HONOLULU, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Nanowerk LLC, a nanotechnology
 information provider and publisher, today launched nanoRISK, a bimonthly
 print newsletter and companion website, Designed as "a
 constructive contribution to the responsible development and use of
 engineered nanoparticles," nanoRISK is a must-read source for
 nanoprofessionals and nanonovices alike who want to stay informed about
 fundamental research and the latest developments on nanomaterials risk and
 safety issues.
     "This newsletter is not about stopping nanotechnology or scaring
 people," says Michael Berger, nanoRISK editor. "It is about providing a
 wealth of nanotechnology information, compiled in one comprehensive,
 easy-to-read newsletter, on scientific research, regulatory updates and
 informed opinion about the risks posed by engineered nanoparticles and what
 is being done about them."
     nanoRISK supports the debate on a very real and immediate issue -- the
 fact that engineered nanoparticles are already finding their way from
 laboratories into commercial products and yet nobody really knows the
 effects they could have on living beings and the environment. Current
 toxicological and eco-toxicological risk assessment methodologies are not
 suited to the potential hazards associated with engineered nanoparticles.
     "Unfortunately there are no definitive answers yet; but with our inside
 knowledge and experience we will contribute to the discussion by
 objectively and rationally informing readers about what research is being
 done; what results are reported; what regulatory bodies decide; what
 experts have to say," says Berger.
     About the Inaugural Issue
     The premiere, eight-page issue of nanoRISK features nanotechnology
 information and articles such as: "Nanotechnology risks - the real issues";
 "Toxicology of carbon nanomaterials"; "Voluntary reporting scheme in the
 UK" and "Germany's dialogue about risk." Additional items include "Lessons
 from Asbestos?"; "What is so special about carbon nanomaterials?" and
 briefs on upcoming events and new books. The premiere issue is available as
 a free download at
     Subscription Information
     An annual subscription to nanoRISK costs US$49 (US$10 extra for
 addresses outside the United States). Those wishing to subscribe or get
 further information should go to or call toll-free at
     About Nanowerk
     Since its launch in December 2005, has developed into a
 leading nanotechnology information portal. Apart from its unique
 Nanomaterial Database(TM), with over 1,300 products from 90 suppliers, it
 provides the most complete nanotech events calendar, with 400
 nanotech-related events for 2006; 580 links to universities, labs,
 researchers, associations, networks and international initiatives involved
 in nanotechnology; daily news; downloadable reports; and much more. The
 site includes a daily "Spotlight" section featuring Nanowerk-exclusive
 reviews and summaries of cutting-edge nanotechnology research by guest
 authors and Nanowerk editors.
     For more nanotechnology information, including the risks of
 nanomaterials and nanoparticles, visit,
 or contact:
      Michael Berger
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