Nantero Proves NRAM(TM) Scalability Successfully Fabricates 22nm Memory Switch

Apr 11, 2006, 01:00 ET from Nantero, Inc.

    WOBURN, Mass., April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Nantero, Inc. announced today
 that it has fabricated and successfully tested a 22-nanometer(nm) NRAM(TM)
 memory switch. This switch demonstrates that NRAM(TM) is scalable to
 numerous process technology nodes over several decades. NRAM(TM) is a
 rewritable memory device that holds its data content without power, making
 it a potential universal memory and an ideal solution for numerous
 applications, including portable consumer products.
     In addition to the advanced R&D work that resulted in the fabrication
 of the 22nm NRAM(TM) switch, Nantero is also engaged in the development of
 NRAM(TM) memory chips at technology nodes in use today. This development is
 being conducted in production CMOS fabs, and Nantero has already developed
 a production-compatible process for making NRAM(TM), using only existing
 tools and processes. Nantero's NRAM(TM) switches have been tested by
 writing and reading data using three (3) nanosecond cycle times, giving it
 the potential to match the fastest memories in production today.
     NRAM(TM) switches are fabricated using Nantero's proprietary carbon
 nanotube fabric, covered by US patent 6,706,402. Nantero now has over 80
 patent applications pending covering multiple aspects of carbon nanotube
 use in electronics, of which over a dozen have been granted.
     The semiconductor industry is actively evaluating emerging memory
 technologies in their search for a new scalable memory technology because
 the memory devices in use today are not expected to scale beyond very few
 additional process technology nodes.
     Greg Schmergel, Nantero's co-founder and CEO, stated, "These results
 demonstrate that NRAM(TM) can be the standalone and embedded memory of
 choice. NRAM(TM) combines the nonvolatility of flash with the speed of SRAM
 and the density of DRAM." Greg noted, "We have also proven that NRAM(TM)
 can be scaled for many future generations and we believe the scaling will
 continue down to below the 5nm technology node."
     About Nantero
     Nantero is a nanotechnology company using carbon nanotubes for the
 development of next-generation semiconductor devices. Nantero's main focus
 is the development of NRAM(TM) -- a high-density nonvolatile random access
 storage device. NRAM(TM) will replace all existing forms of storage, such
 as DRAM, SRAM and flash memory, with a high-density nonvolatile RAM --
 'universal memory.' The potential applications for the nonvolatile RAM that
 Nantero is developing add up to over $100B in revenue potential, including
 the ability to enable instant-on computers and to replace the memory in
 devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, and PDAs, as
 well as applications in the networking arena. NRAM(TM) can be manufactured
 for both standalone and embedded memory applications. Nantero is also
 working with licensees on the development of additional applications of
 Nantero's core nanotube-based technology. For more information on Nantero,
 Inc. contact SGN Public Relations & Marketing at

SOURCE Nantero, Inc.