Napatech Announces 10 Gb Protocol and Traffic Analysis Platform Supporting the Telco Triple Play of Video, Voice and Data

Jun 06, 2005, 01:00 ET from Napatech

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Napatech today announces the
 extension of the company's protocol and traffic analysis product line with the
 immediate availability of the 1 x 10 Gb Programmable Protocol Analysis Network
      The 1 x 10 Gb Protocol and Traffic analysis network adapter is the
 natural extension of the existing 4/8 x 1 Gb Protocol Analysis product line
 which already contains the most powerful and the only fully programmable
 protocol analysis adapters available on the market today, allowing protocol
 filtering at 8 Gbps.  The network adapter is based on the industry standard
 PCI-X interface and compliant with most platforms.
     "The new 10 Gb Protocol Analysis network adapter includes our advanced
 feature set and gives our OEM-customers a unique chance to introduce 10 Gb
 products with a minimum of time-to-market.  The Protocol Analysis products are
 already deployed in production networks and have proven their worth.  The
 fully programmable platform provides both Napatech and our customers with the
 ability to rapidly and continuously add features and update the solutions in
 the field.  Now we simply translate our success with a multiple gigabit
 platform into the next level of technology," says Thomas Jorgensen, co-founder
 and vice president of business development at Napatech.
     "Our module-based architecture with well-defined interfaces has already
 shown its strength to our customers, allowing them the potential of using
 existing SW.  This efficient process of implementation allows our customers to
 quickly deliver extremely competitive solutions to market with minimal
     The 1 x 10 Gb Protocol Analysis network adapter includes features such as
 packet filtering, packet tracing and high-precision time-stamping all done in
 hardware, allowing packet processing at up to 10 Gbps line speeds.  Systems
 with multiple cards will be able to support line speed on all cards and ports.
 The feature set includes 64 fully programmable filters, Linux, FreeBSD and
 Windows XP drivers, a programming interface and source code.
     The network adapter is capable of making up to 1 billion filter lookups
 per second.  Because of the flexible and effective filtering, the host
 application can concentrate on the specialized protocol analysis rather than
 on filtering and discarding irrelevant data.
     Availability & Configurations
     The Napatech 1 x 10 Gb optical network adapter is launched on the 6th of
 June 2005 during the SuperComm exhibition in Chicago.  Pricing information can
 be obtained directly from Napatech.
      The Napatech Protocol Analysis products are immediately available through
 Napatech for OEM sales as are follows:
      Ordering code             Description
      802-0001-01 -   1 x 10 Gb Optical Network Adapter
      801-0001-01 -   4 x 1 Gb Electrical Network Adapter
      801-0002-01 -   4 x 1 Gb Optical Network Adapter
      801-0005-01 -   8 x 1 Gb Electrical Network Adapter
      801-0006-01 -   8 x 1 Gb Optical Network Adapter
      801-0009-01 -   4 x 1 Gb Electrical and 4 x 1 Gb Optical Network Adapter
      801-0013-01 -   Protocol and Traffic Analyzer kit.
     About Napatech
     Napatech is focused on programmable and intelligent Ethernet adapters.
 The core idea is off-loading real-time/streaming protocol and payload analysis
 and control applications traditionally implemented in software or proprietary
 hardware.  Napatech expects a huge growth in the demand for intelligent and
 programmable adapters as Ethernet speeds increase.  The current PC
 architecture limits the amount of bandwidth that can be handled by the PCI bus
 and CPU/memory. Napatech offers its products to OEM customers.  Napatech has
 marketing and R&D offices in Mountain View, California, and Copenhagen,
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