NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Champion Tony Stewart Auctions Actual Old Spice Post-Race Sweat Towel For Charity

Bidding Starts on Monday on and - All Proceeds Will be

Donated to The Victory Junction Gang Camp

Oct 02, 2006, 01:00 ET from Old Spice

    WHAT:            NASCAR NEXTEL Cup champion Tony Stewart is working with
                      Old Spice to give a lucky fan the sweat towel right off
                      his shoulder (un-washed)!  After winning the Banquet 400
                      in Kansas City on Sunday, Stewart handed over his Old
                      Spice towel (seen in countless post-race interviews) for
                      a charity auction benefiting The Victory Junction Gang
                      Camp.  Starting at 9 a.m. EDT on Monday, October 2, fans
                      can place a bid for the autographed towel by logging onto
             or  Old Spice, the No. 1
                      antiperspirant/deodorant stick and personal cleansing
                      choice for guys in the U.S., is hosting the weeklong
                      auction.  The brand has sponsored NEXTEL Cup winner Tony
                      Stewart for the past five seasons.
     FUN FACT:        During an average race, temperatures inside Tony's car
                      reach up to 150 degrees, and he can lose several pounds
                      of sweat.  Tony relies on Old Spice antiperspirants,
                      deodorants and body washes to stay cool and smell great
                      both before and after a race.
     INTERVIEW OPPS:  An Old Spice sweat expert is available to discuss the
                      towel auction and share other sports-related sweat
     BACKGROUND:      After every victory this season, including both NEXTEL
                      Cup and Busch races, Stewart will immediately autograph
                      and hand over his Old Spice towel in the winner's circle
                      for an auction to benefit The Victory Junction Gang Camp.
                      This auction program has already raised $2,400 for the
                      Old Spice is a proud sponsor of NASCAR NEXTEL Cup
                      champion Tony Stewart.  Old Spice (NYSE:   PG) is the No. 1
                      antiperspirant/deodorant and personal cleansing choice
                      for guys in the U.S.
                      Victory Junction Gang Camp enriches the lives of children
                      with chronic or life-threatening illnesses by creating
                      camping experiences that are memorable, and physically
                      and medically safe.  Camp is free to children and their

SOURCE Old Spice