National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) Board of Directors Elects Tom Patania as President

Jul 26, 2007, 01:00 ET from National Association of Ticket Brokers

    WASHINGTON, July 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Association
 of Ticket Brokers (NATB) today announced that the association's Board of
 Directors elected Tom Patania as NATB President during the 2007 annual
 meeting in Las Vegas on July 21. Patania, formerly an elected NATB
 Secretary from 2006-2007 and owner of Select-A-Ticket in Riverdale, New
 Jersey, succeeds Russ Lindmark as the NATB President.
     "Tom Patania's experience as a NATB officer and his vast knowledge of
 state legislation and other issues impacting the secondary market ticket
 broker industry makes him the perfect choice as NATB's new president," said
 Russ Lindmark, former president, National Association of Ticket Brokers. "I
 am proud to have served as NATB President for the past year, during which
 time several states, including New York, enacted legislation to create a
 free, secondary market for ticket re-sales. As a board member for
 2007-2008, I look forward to working with Tom Patania to ensure that any
 remaining states prohibiting or limiting the re-sale of tickets will enact
 similar, deregulating legislation."
     Tom Patania, a secondary market ticket broker since 1978, is a founding
 member of NATB. He also is a founding member and former president of the
 East Coast Ticket Brokers Association (ECTBA). Other NATB officers for
 2007-2008 include Ken Solky, Vice President; Joel Schwartz, Vice President
 - Membership; Gerry Levenberg, Secretary; Ray Cooke, Treasurer; and Jason
 Berger, Past President.
     "The secondary market ticket broker industry is facing its toughest
 challenges and greatest opportunities," said Tom Patania, President,
 National Association of Ticket Brokers. "As NATB's president, I will ensure
 that the association continues its proud tradition fighting for the
 interests of secondary market ticket brokers and that the membership is
 properly prepared to face the industry's future."
     The National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB),,
 was formed in 1994 by a group of concerned ticket brokers who desired to
 establish an industry-wide standard of conduct and to create ethical rules
 and procedures to protect the public and foster a positive perception of
 the industry. While the goals of the NATB are many, our primary goal is to
 represent the interests of legitimate ticket brokers by promoting consumer
 protection and educating the public about our industry. This is done by
 assuring the public that when dealing with an NATB member, they are working
 with an honest, reliable broker that will deliver what is promised. In
 addition, the NATB has created a platform that allows the public to report
 unethical conduct by ticket brokers. Through self-governance, the NATB has
 provided enhanced protections for ticket-buying consumers. NATB has worked
 with law enforcement agencies, state and federal legislators and
 professional sports leagues and teams. Indeed, NATB has been vital in the
 NFL's fight against counterfeit and stolen tickets. More information about
 the NATB is available at

SOURCE National Association of Ticket Brokers