National Collegiate Scouting Association Announces 2007 Collegiate Power Rankings

Rankings System Assesses Academics, Athletics and Student-Athlete

Graduation Rates

Aug 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from National Collegiate Scouting Association

    CHICAGO, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Collegiate Scouting
 Association (NCSA) is pleased to announce the release of the 5th Annual
 NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings.
     NCSA's 2007 Collegiate Power Rankings rate colleges and universities
 comprehensively based on student-athlete graduation rates, academic
 strength and athletic prowess of the university. The institutions posted in
 the 2007 Power Rankings are in an elite group of less than 6% of colleges
 and universities across the nation to make the 5th annual list.
     "With so many great colleges/universities to choose from, NCSA's power
 rankings objectively help student-athletes compare collegiate opportunities
 so they know how institutions stack up pound for pound," said NCSA CEO and
 Founder Chris Krause. "With this ranking, it shows us which colleges not
 only places importance on winning games, but on academics and graduating
 players as well."
     The Collegiate Power Rankings from NCSA (
 are calculated for each college and university at the NCAA Division I, II
 and III levels by averaging the U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup ranking,
 the U.S. News & World Report ranking* and the NCAA student-athlete
 graduation rate of each college/university. The collegiate power rankings
 based off of the U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup rating evaluates the
 strength of NCAA athletic departments, while the U.S. News & World Report
 rating recognizes institutions of academic excellence. The student-athlete
 graduation rates are based on those provided by the NCAA. New for 2007,
 NCSA distinguished the top national and liberal arts colleges from the list
 of comprehensive colleges.
     In addition to the collegiate power rankings, NCSA is redefining
 collegiate recruiting by providing recruiting education to high school
 athletic directors, coaches and families of student-athletes who are
 interested in competing at the next level.
     "The backbone of NCSA is education," said Krause. "The NCSA staff
 consists of more than 70 collegiate athletes and college coaches whose
 focus is to match college coaches with qualified and committed student
 athletes, maximizing their collegiate recruiting potential."
     Top 10 Overall:
     1.  Williams College
     2.  Amherst College
     3.  Duke University
     4.  University of California-San Diego
     5.  University of Notre Dame
     6.  Stanford University
     7.  Northwestern University
     8.  Harvard University
     9.  Princeton University
     10. Middlebury College
     Top 10 Division I
     1.  Duke University
     2.  University of Notre Dame
     3.  Stanford University
     4.  Northwestern University
     5.  Harvard University
     6.  Princeton University
     7.  Vanderbilt University
     8.  Wake Forest university
     9.  Boston College
     10. Yale University
     Top 10 Division II
     1.  University of California-San Diego
     2.  University of Massachusetts-Lowell
     3.  Eckerd College
     4.  Stonehill College
     5.  Truman State University
     6.  Drury University
     7.  University of Hawaii-Hilo
     8.  University of Tampa
     9.  Bentley College
     10. Clarion University
     Top 10 Division III
     1.  Williams College
     2.  Amherst College
     3.  Middlebury College
     4.  Washington University
     5.  Bowdoin College
     6.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     7.  Wesleyan (CT) University
     8.  Emory University
     9.  Washington & Lee University
     10. Haverford College
     About NCSA
     More than 35,000 college coaches and more than 1,700 colleges and
 universities use NCSA to meet their recruiting needs. NCSA annually tracks
 more than 100,000 of the top student athletes in 25 sports who will be
 making their way on to college rosters with the ultimate goal of earning a
 college degree.
     Check for a complete ranking list.
     * Based on "America's Best Colleges 2007."

SOURCE National Collegiate Scouting Association