National Council on Crime and Delinquency Announces The 2006 PASS Awards

Mar 27, 2007, 01:00 ET from National Council on Crime and Delinquency

    OAKLAND, Calif., March 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National
 Council on Crime and Delinquency is pleased to announce the 2006 winners of
 its respected PASS Awards (Prevention for a Safer Society). NCCD honors the
 media's success and vital role in illuminating the people and programs that
 illuminate the root causes of crime and that promise to protect our most
 precious resource -- our youth -- against involvement in crime.
     A critical link in successful policies related to youth and justice is
 the education of the public. The media is uniquely positioned to be this
 link, and we gratefully acknowledge their efforts to fulfill that
 responsibility. Each year the PASS Awards go to media professionals in the
 fields of print, literature, broadcast media, television, and film in
 recognition of thoughtful and factual coverage of the issues. Special
 consideration is given to those stories that highlight solutions to
 criminal and juvenile justice and child welfare problems.
     NCCD is the nation's oldest private organization working to attain
 responsive and effective criminal justice, juvenile justice, and child
 welfare systems. For 100 years, NCCD has been committed to promoting
 criminal justice strategies that are fair, humane, cost-effective, and
 uncompromising in public safety. The issues that have defined NCCD since
 its inception are the need for a separate and humane justice system for
 children, alternatives to incarceration, and the integral connection
 between social justice and public safety.
     A list of the 2006 Pass Award recipients is below and also posted at
     2006 PASS Award Winners
     -- Film
     IFC Films
     Laurie Collier
     -- Literature
     "Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man's Prison "
     T.J. Parsell
     Don Weise
     -- Magazine
     In These Times
     "Stunning Revelations"
     Silja J. A. Talvi
     Joel Bleifuss
     Jessica Clark
     In These Times
     "No Room in Prison?  Ship 'Em Off"
     Silja J. A. Talvi
     Joel Bleifuss
     Jessica Clark
     -- Newspaper
     Arkansas Democrat Gazette
     "Prison Seen as a Powder Keg"
     Charlie Frago
     Bob Wigginton
     Oakland Tribune/Media News Group
     "Locked Up Potential"
     Momo Chang
     Mike Oliver
     Ray Chaves
     Gina Halferty
     Omaha World-Hearld
     "The Con Game"
     Karyn Spencer
     Patuxent Publishing Co.
     "On His Own"
     Mary T. Robbins
     Jeffrey Furticella
     Angela Bornemann
     David Sturm
     Phoenix New Times
     "Teenage Wasteland"
     Amy Silverman
     The Roanoke Times
     "Online Predators"
     Megan Schnabel
     Laurence Hammack
     Lindsey Mair
     Reed Williams
     Mike Allen
     Amanda Codispoti
     Andrew Svec
     The Sacramento Bee
     "CAR Crime"
     Phillip Reese
     Santa Barbara News-Press
     "Combating Crime"
     Dawn Hobbs
     Mike Eliason
     SF Weekly
     "Get Out of Jail Free"
     A.C. Thompson
     Star Tribune
     "Rethinking Juvenile Justice"
     David Chanen
     David Shaffer
     Richard Tsong-Taatarii
     Rene Sanchez
     "All Grown Up"
     Jessica Centers
     -- Television/Video
     California Connected
     "Family Matters"
     Bret Marcus
     Angela Shelley
     Michael Bloecher
     Justine Schmidt
     California Connected
     "The Predator Next Door"
     Bret Marcus
     Coll Metcalfe
     Lisa McRee
     Michael Bloecher
     Justine Schmidt
     Center for Investigative Reporting
     "Nuestra Familia, Our Family"
     Oriana Zill de Granados
     Julia Reynolds
     David Ritsher
     George Sanchez
     Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
     Neal Baer
     Dawn DeNoon
     Jonathan Greene
     Amanda Green
     Patrick Harbinson
     Tied to the Tracks Films/MSNBC
     "Beyond Conviction"
     Rachel Libert
     -- Web
     "Outrageous Injustice"
     Wright Thompson
     Jay Lovinger
     Kevin Jackson
     Cynthia Faulkner
     Women's eNews
     "Out of Jail, Mothers Struggle to Reclaim Children"
     Angeli Rasbury
     -- Special Award
     For presenting a sophisticated and textured look at the dynamics of
 urban crime, especially its impact on children
     "The Wire"
     David Simon
     Edward Burns
     Nina Kostroff Noble
     Joe Chappelle
     Karen Thorson
     Eric Overmyer

SOURCE National Council on Crime and Delinquency