National Drug Intelligence Center Releases 2008 National Methamphetamine Threat Assessment

Dec 27, 2007, 00:00 ET from U.S. Department of Justice

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Drug
 Intelligence Center (NDIC), a component of the Department of Justice and
 the nation's principal center for strategic drug intelligence, has released
 the 2008 National Methamphetamine Threat Assessment. This strategic
 assessment presents an analysis of key trends and developments regarding
 methamphetamine production, transportation, distribution, and abuse in the
 United States. The assessment also offers an in-depth strategic predictive
 analysis of future trends.
     Despite progress in reducing domestic methamphetamine production,
 methamphetamine trafficking and abuse remain a significant threat in the
 United States. Methamphetamine produced in Mexico continues to dominate the
 U.S. drug market. Preliminary 2007 methamphetamine seizure data, compared
 with data in 2006, indicate the possibility of a decrease in
 methamphetamine production in Mexico. Some drug markets in the western
 United States report sporadic and temporary shortages of methamphetamine,
 while markets in other regions report stable or increasing availability.
 Mexican methamphetamine distribution networks are expanding in many U.S.
 drug markets, supplanting local distributors and methamphetamine-related
 crime, such as identity theft, is increasing. Canadian methamphetamine
 production has increased with some of this production intended for
 distribution in the United States.
     In addition to the national-level strategic assessment, the report
 includes overviews of the methamphetamine situation in each of nine
 Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) regions covering the
 country. OCDETF is a federal drug enforcement program that focuses
 attention and resources on the disruption and dismantling of major drug
 trafficking organizations. OCDETF provides a framework for federal, state,
 and local law enforcement agencies to work together to target
 well-established and complex organizations that direct, finance, or engage
 in illegal narcotics trafficking and related crimes.
     In preparing the 2008 National Methamphetamine Threat Assessment, NDIC
 partnered with federal and state agencies in the collection of data and
 information. A copy of the 2008 National Methamphetamine Threat Assessment
 can be found at:

SOURCE U.S. Department of Justice