National Environmental Trust's Clapp on SOTU Speech

Jan 23, 2007, 00:00 ET from National Environmental Trust

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following statement
 by Philip E. Clapp, president, National Environmental Trust, on tonight's
 State of the Union address:
     "There is no revolution in global warming policy in anything the
 President is proposing, no matter how the White House tries to spin it.
     "The numbers are calculated to sound big and impressive, but the
 President is being just as intransigent on global warming as he is on Iraq,
 ignoring Congress, major business leaders, and the public, who have called
 for action.
     "The President's proposals will contribute almost nothing to stopping
 global warming. They will allow our carbon emissions to grow by 14 percent
 over the next 10 years. He has proposed a paltry one-and-a-half percent cut
 in the galloping growth of our emissions by 2017.
     "The President's big ethanol gamble is a pipe dream. In the 1970s,
 Jimmy Carter proposed creating a giant alternative fuels industry, too.
 Three years later, oil prices fell and the whole thing went bust.
     "Producing 35 billion gallons of ethanol a year would require putting
 an additional 129,000 square miles of farmland -- an area the size of
 Kansas and Iowa -- into corn production, which is not very likely.
     "The President has had all the authority he needs to increase fuel
 economy standards since the day he took office, and he has refused to act.
 His request for new legislation letting him set standards basically
 model-by-model is something Detroit has pushed for years -- as a way to
 poke more loopholes in the current weak standards."

SOURCE National Environmental Trust