National Foundation for Cancer Research Endorses ONDROX(TM)

Multiantioxidant Dietary Supplement Destroys Free Radicals Known to Cause

Cancer and Other Diseases in Humans

Jun 03, 1999, 01:00 ET from The National Foundation for Cancer Research

    BETHESDA, Md., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Foundation for Cancer
 Research (NFCR) announced it has endorsed the multivitamin and dietary
 supplement ONDROX(TM), manufactured by LSI America Corporation in Austin,
 Texas as part of its ongoing initiative to prevent and cure cancer through
 basic science.  The core formulation of ONDROX(TM) was originally developed at
 the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas.  Its combination of
 multiple antioxidants has been shown to be highly effective in destroying free
 radicals and is the first such formulation designed on a time-release basis.
 Free radicals are associated with oxidative damage to DNA, which has been
 attributed to enhanced incidence rates of cancer and other immunological and
 cardiovascular disorders in humans.
     It has also been shown that unbalanced diets account for about one-third
 of cancer risk.  Micronutrients, whose main dietary sources are other than
 fruits and vegetables, are likely to play a significant role in the prevention
 and repair of DNA damage.  Basic science research supported by NFCR has shown
 how important micronutrients are in the defense against oxidative DNA damage
 and the maintenance of long-term health.  Several NFCR project directors have
 been exploring the role of antioxidants in diet, aging and the risk of cancer.
 "We believe this initiative helps to bring medical discoveries from basic
 science research to the public," said NFCR president, Franklin Salisbury, Jr.
     Founded in 1973, NFCR is dedicated to understanding how cancer develops
 and finding a cure.  With NFCR's support, scientists in all disciplines all
 over the world conduct basic science cancer research at the molecular and
 submolecular levels.
     NFCR encourages and facilitates cooperation and the sharing of ideas and
 results, enabling advances in one field to lead to progress across other
 fields in cancer research.  NFCR calls this cooperation the "Laboratory
 Without Walls."  For further information about the National Foundation for
 Cancer Research, please call (800) 321-CURE or visit the web site at .
     LSI America Corporation is the parent holding company for LifeScience
 Corporation and is engaged in the commercialization of leading edge
 pharmaceutical products suitable for over the counter distribution.
 ONDROX(TM) is manufactured at the facilities of Biotics Research corporation
 in Houston, Texas.  The Biotics plant is FDA approved and inspected, and
 complies with standards exceeding those required for the production of dietary
 supplements.  For further information about LSI America Corporation and
 ONDROX(TM), please call (888) 5-ONDROX or (800) 720-5936 and visit the web
 site at .

SOURCE The National Foundation for Cancer Research