National Inventors Hall of Fame Announces Seventeen Inductees in 2003

Hall of Fame's first themed induction to honor pioneers of aviation and


Feb 11, 2003, 00:00 ET from National Inventors Hall of Fame

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrating the centennial of
 aviation, the National Inventors Hall of Fame will pay tribute to one of the
 greatest accomplishments of humankind by recognizing seventeen inventors whose
 ideas have advanced the fields of aviation and aerospace.
     From developing airplanes that fly non-stop around the world, to jets that
 travel faster than the speed of sound, and rockets that can launch us into
 space, this year's inductees have left their mark on the past one hundred
 years of flight, exploring new frontiers in the world around us.
     The inventors to be honored are:
     * Dr. George R. Carruthers - Far Electrograph Ultraviolet Camera
     * Mr. Frank Cepollina - Satellite Servicing Techniques
     * Mr. Glenn Hammond Curtiss (posthumous) - Hydroaeroplane
     * Dr. Maxime Faget - Space Capsule Design
     * Mr. Leroy Grumman (posthumous) - Retractable Landing Gear; Folding Wing
     * Mr. Charles H. Kaman - Rotor Control Mechanism for Rotary Aircraft
     * Mr. Paul Kollsman (posthumous) - Altimeter
     * Mr. Edwin A. Link (posthumous) - Link Trainer/Simulator
     * Mr. Thomas Midgley, Jr. (posthumous) - Ethyl Gasoline
     * Mr. John K. Northrop (posthumous) - Flying Wing plane; All-Metal High-
       Wing Monocoque Airplane (Vega)
     * Dr. John Pierce (posthumous) - Communications Satellite
     * Dr. Harold A. Rosen - Spin Stabilized Synchronous Communications
     * Dr. Theodore von Karman (posthumous) - Turbo Jet
     * Dr. Hans J.P. von Ohain (posthumous) - Jet Engine
     * Dr. Richard Whitcomb - Supercritical Wing
     * Sir Frank Whittle (posthumous) - Jet Engine
     * Dr. Sam Williams - Small Fan-Jet Engine
     "With this year marking one hundred years of flight, we are very excited
 to recognize this year's inductees as pioneers in aviation and aerospace,"
 says Clyde Bailey, president, National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation.
 "The contributions they have made profoundly impact our lives and have paved
 the way for the future."
     This year's induction, taking place in May, will also include the
 presentation of a lifetime achievement award to John Glenn, the first American
 to orbit the Earth and former member of the U.S. Senate.  Glenn has a long and
 extraordinarily varied list of significant accomplishments and his innovation
 has served as an inspiration to the nation, from his early career to his
 political life to his last space flight.  Lifetime achievement awards are
 given to living individuals whose lifetime has been devoted to activities that
 have fostered or sought to protect creativity and innovation in the United
     To further honor this milestone in aviation and the patent holders that
 have contributed their minds to taking us further and faster around our world,
 the United States Patent and Trademark Office Museum is opening a new exhibit.
 The exhibit "Invention Takes Flight" features inventors whose aviation-related
 patents have earned a place in the National Inventors Hall of Fame and
 presents the influence of their technology on many creative endeavors, from
 music and literature to art, photography, dance and design.  Through the use
 of model aircraft, photos, patents, trademarks and other aviation-related
 artifacts, "Invention Takes Flight" will explore aviation and aerospace
 inventions and their role in sparking the imagination of the world.  The
 exhibit will be on display from February 11 through December 31, 2003.
     Every six seconds a patent is granted in the United States.  Yet only a
 few truly innovative patent holders are singled out for the way they have
 shaped our past, enhanced our lives and affected our future.  This year's
 inductees will take their place of distinction in the National Inventors Hall
 of Fame, the not-for-profit organization founded in 1973 to honor men and
 women who have contributed to the welfare of mankind and promoted the progress
 of science and technology.
     The not-for-profit National Inventors Hall of Fame(R) is the premier
 organization in America dedicated to honoring and fostering creativity and
 invention.  Each year a new class of inventors is inducted into the Hall of
 Fame in recognition of their patented inventions that make human, social and
 economic progress possible.  Founded in 1973 by the U.S. Patent & Trademark
 Office and the National Council of Intellectual Property Law Associations, the
 Hall's permanent home is Akron, Ohio, and serves as both a museum and an
 educational programming resource.

SOURCE National Inventors Hall of Fame