National Premiere of Children's Tennis Program: Andy Roddick USTA Kids' Courts at Horseshoe Bay Resort

'Project 36/60' launches Child-size Courts

Jul 19, 2007, 01:00 ET from Horseshoe Bay Resort

    HORSESHOE BAY, Texas, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Horseshoe Bay
 Resort, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and U.S. Open Champion
 Andy Roddick announced the completion of the Andy Roddick USTA Kids' Courts
 at Horseshoe Bay Resort, the first-ever tennis courts specifically designed
 for children up to age 10 in the United States. The arrival of the
 customized tennis courts at Horseshoe Bay Resort marks the national debut
 of the USTA- designed pilot program is known as "Project 36/60."
     Named for the length in feet of the courts, USTA's "Project 36/60"
 focuses on scaling tennis down to the size and abilities of young players.
 The program is based on six key specifications: court size, net height,
 ball speed and weight, request size and scoring. A 36-foot court is used by
 children ages eight and under and the 60-foot courts are for children ages
 10 and under.
     The goals of "Project 36/60" are to increase the number of beginning
 tennis players, raise the retention, and to improve the technical, tactical
 and physical development of athletes between the ages of five and 10. The
 program is a collaborative effort between the USTA Player Development and
 Community Tennis departments, Tennis Industry Association, US Professional
 Tennis Association, the Professional Tennis Registry as well as tennis
 equipment manufacturers.
     Director of Community Development for the USTA, Virgil H. Christian,
 Jr., shared, "It has been a pleasure to work with the folks at Horseshoe
 Bay Resort and with Director of Tennis Michelle Stallard. The USTA is proud
 to have assisted with the design and construction of the first permanent
 60-foot courts in the country. It is with great pleasure they are here at
 the exquisite Horseshoe Bay Resort."
     Home to the first "Project 36/60" tennis courts in the country,
 Horseshoe Bay Resort offers members and guests three 60-foot specialized
 courts, equipment and rules for children, including tennis racquets up to
 25 inches, orange low-compression tennis balls, a net height of three feet
 and unique scoring practices.
     Horseshoe Bay Resort President and COO G. Michael Thomas stated, "The
 arrival of the Andy Roddick USTA Kids' Courts at Horseshoe Bay Resort and
 the USTA's pilot program is a privilege and an honor for the resort.
 'Project 36/60' will serve to introduce, educate and encourage children of
 our members and guests to play the great game of tennis."
     The new "Project 36/60" USTA-sanctioned courts complement other
 Horseshoe Bay Resort tennis programs for men, women and juniors of all
 levels, including:
      -- Group Tennis Tournaments -Professionals organize and oversee guest
         tournaments ranging from one to three hours and accommodating up to 50
         players, doubles or singles.
      -- Group Tennis Clinics - Clinics consist of drills, stroke analysis and
         strategy (minimum of three people per clinic).
      -- Fall & Spring Junior Tennis Programs - Junior programs include drills,
         point situation, conditioning and mental toughness training.  Summer
         Camps are also available at the junior level.
               More information on Project 36/60 is available at
                     *** Photos available upon request.***
     About Horseshoe Bay Resort
     Founded in 1971 and purchased by the Jaffe Group in 1996, Horseshoe Bay
 Resort is Texas' original lakeside resort. Located in the exquisite Hill
 Country, the 7,000-acre Resort offers three championship Robert Trent
 Jones, Sr. golf courses, an 18-hole Dwarf Bermuda grass putting course, a
 jet center with a 6,000-foot runway, private charter jet service via Air
 Horseshoe, four swimming pools, a spa and fitness facility, a full-service
 marina, five dining facilities, 12 adult tennis courts, three
 USTA-certified kids' tennis courts and a 349-room Horseshoe Bay Resort
 Marriott Hotel.

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