'Nationals Manager Frank Robinson Helps Blackball Me Because of Steroid Question,' Says Mike Vechery, Host of the Mike Vechery Open House Hour

'Frank Robinson, the Nationals, Major League Baseball and the Bonneville

Corporation ripped off my business, my airtime, and my dream!'

Feb 28, 2005, 00:00 ET from The Mike Vechery Open House Hour

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement by Mike
 Vechery, host of the Mike Vechery Open House Hour:
     Baseball Hall of Famer and Washington Nationals Skipper Frank Robinson
 became part of an expulsion plot by the Nationals, Major League Baseball(MLB),
 and Washington DC's WFED radio station, the station set to broadcast all
 Nationals baseball games.  On Wednesday February 23rd at 9:06 am in Frank
 Robinson's morning press conference, I questioned Frank Robinson on baseball
 and steroids, "Do you think there should be an asterisk next to the names of
 the great home run hitters of late who may be associated with Balco and
 steroids?" No guidelines were provided on unacceptable questions. This
 happened to be off limits. At 2:00 pm that same day, I purchased the Space
 Coast Stadium visitors' dugout signage and full page ad in the Washington
 Nationals Spring Training Games program to advertise my radio show. The oral
 terms were a 5 year deal with 2 year termination clause. A credit card receipt
 was issued by the Nationals' Buck Rogers. The next morning, Thursday February
 24th at 8:30am, I was removed from Robinson's morning press conference and
 told to give back my press credentials and that my sponsorship transaction
 would be cancelled. WFED, a Washington DC based radio station owned by the
 Bonneville Corporation, also terminated my radio contract 30 minutes later.
 Yesterday, WFED took me off the air 10 minutes into my scheduled one hour
 radio show. They had instituted the questionable cancellation policy in the
 radio contract giving me four weeks of remaining shows and still could not
 follow the terms.
     According to William Bryant, WFED account manager who had sold me the
 airtime, the Washington Nationals called WFED Thursday morning to force
 termination on all relations and contracts with me. My termination letter from
 Joel Oxley, Sr. Vice President of Bonneville, claims " ... you have been
 representing yourself as being affiliated with WFED."  Bryant told me that
 WFED prefers I not appear for any shows and that WFED would credit me for
 shows not aired. Instead, they removed me from the airwaves yesterday at 12:20
 pm as I was discussing my 24 hours of spring training with Frank Robinson, the
 Nationals, and WFED. Streaming audio was heard on
     I have never represented myself as an employee. I have a show that airs on
 WFED. I work for myself and I am proud of it. I am on the
 http://www.wtopnews.com and http://www.federalnewsradio.com website under
 weekend programming.
     WFED just signed a contract with Major League Baseball to broadcast all
 Washington Nationals games weeks after selling weekend block programming to
 several companies including mine. My valuable one hour airtime slots, noon
 Sundays and 1:00 Saturdays, had become a source of discontent for my new
 partner, the fledgling WFED. The hour time slots leased by me coincided with 6
 Saturday 1:00 pm Nationals games and preceded 25 Sunday 1:00 Nationals' games.
 The Nationals wanted 15 minutes Sunday time for a pregame show. WFED had
 demanded the time back for the Sunday pregame show. A meeting had been
 scheduled today February 28th to discuss this situation.
     In 24 hours, I was blackballed by a Hall of Famer who wished to avoid the
 steroids issue -- the most important issue facing baseball. I was screwed by
 the Washington Nationals and Major League Baseball who reneged on a business
 sponsorship deal with me. WFED and Bonneville Corporation also reneged on
 their radio contract and took me off the air literally to make way for the
 Nationals. As a native Washingtonian, baseball fan, journalist and
 businessman, I am appalled at these strong arm tactics. I was to provide
 quality journalism on the Nationals at a quality time slot. The Nationals
 appear to be Anti 1st Amendment, Anti Journalist(unless you work for the big
 boys) and Anti Business.
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