Nation's Leading Class Action Law Firm to be Prime Sponsor of Washington, DC Labor Film Festival

Aug 30, 2006, 01:00 ET from Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the nation's leading class
 action law firms specializing in plaintiffs' securities, antitrust and
 consumer and workers rights cases, will be one of the prime sponsors of the
 Fifth Annual "DC Labor Film Festival," which gets underway Wednesday,
 September 13th and runs through Tuesday, September 19th.
     Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP, which opened its Washington,
 DC office on July 1st of this year, will be one of the prime sponsors of
 the festival for the first time. The New York City based firm also has
 offices in Chicago, San Diego, and West Palm Beach. With roots that date
 back to 1888, Wolf Haldenstein is one of the oldest firms in New York City.
     "We are very proud to support the Film Festival, which was established
 as a part of a project to use the arts to highlight the plight of workers
 and their efforts to secure better conditions of employment," said Dan
 Krasner, head of Wolf Haldenstein's litigation department in New York.
     "I have watched the festival blossom from a vision of the late labor
 leader Tony Mazzochi into a national example of how the arts can be used to
 document working conditions and efforts to enhance them," said Reuben
 Guttman, resident partner in the firm's Washington, DC office.
     "We're tremendously pleased to welcome Wolf Haldenstein as a Labor
 FilmFest sponsor," said FilmFest Co-Chair Mark Dudzic. "Without their
 financial and logistical support, the Labor FilmFest would be just a
 dream," added Co-Chair and DC Metro AFL-CIO President Joslyn Williams.
     Wolf Haldenstein litigated the first ever class action under the
 federal plant closing law, the WARN Act, and brought litigation
 establishing the rights of workers to bring class actions against employers
 who cause their workers to imprudently invest their 40lk retirement savings
 in company stock. The firm is also a leader in litigation under the Fair
 Labor Standards Act and analogous state laws, established to protect
 workers who have been denied full pay and benefits.
     Wolf Haldenstein is currently litigating a class action wage and hour
 complaint in the State of California against giant retailer Loews. That
 complaint contends that Loews unlawfully allowed truck drivers to be
 classified as independent contractors, allegedly causing them to receive
 substandard pay and benefits.
     Wolf Haldenstein is one of the country's leading law firms litigating
 class actions under the federal securities laws and shareholder actions
 under state law. The firm has recovered billions of dollars for investors,
 including participants in employee pension funds. Recently, the firm has
 taken the lead in litigating for shareholders seeking redress over the
 back-dating of stock options.
     The festival will begin on Wednesday September 13, 2006, with the
 showing of "The Take," a film about unemployed auto workers in Argentina.
 Other films that will highlight the seven day festival include Man Push
 Cart, North Country, Office Space, Workingman's Death, The Gronholm Method,
 A Day without a Mexican, Chicken Run, and Isn't This a Time. The venue for
 the festival is the American Film Institute Theatre in Silver Spring,
 Maryland with an initial free screening of "The Take" to show at American
 University Wechsler Theatre at 6:30pm on September 13th.
     A complete schedule for the festival can be found on the website

SOURCE Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP