NaturalNano Licenses Key Patent for Selective Wireless Access in RF Shielded Environments

Technology Complements Company's Unique Radio Frequency Shielding Technology

Utilizing Halloysite Nanotubes

Feb 13, 2006, 00:00 ET from NaturalNano, Inc.

    ROCHESTER, N.Y., Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NaturalNano, Inc.
 (OTC Bulletin Board:   NNAN) (FWB: N3N), a company whose primary business is
 discovering, refining, and marketing naturally occurring nanomaterials,
 announced today that it has exclusively licensed technology that allows for
 selectively turning on or off access to radio signals, such as those used by
 cell phones or wireless computer networking devices, in areas that otherwise
 are shielded from those signals.  NaturalNano licensed U.S. Patent No.
 6,885,845, entitled "Personal Communications Device Connectivity Arrangement"
 from AMBIT Corporation.  This patent complements the Company's current
 research and development efforts in RF shielding.  The license extends to all
 fixed, non-mobile applications of this technology.
     Michael Riedlinger, President of NaturalNano, said, "Exclusive access to
 this patent for fixed installations allows NaturalNano to offer a RF shielding
 solution utilizing its pre-loaded natural halloysite nanotubes technology
 combined with the ability to selectively turn on and off the impact of such
 shielding.  This in turn enables authorized users to log onto a private
 network in an area that is otherwise RF shielded.  Depending on the specific
 user requirements, this technology provides the framework for a potential new
 revenue stream into a facility's networking solutions for prospective
 customers and visitors.  This technology also allows the facility operator to
 potentially charge fees for wireless access within an otherwise RF shielded
 environment.  In addition, many existing structures including concert and
 convention halls, movie theaters, and other buildings could benefit from
 enhanced control over outside radio frequency radiation with a passive,
 cost-effective solution."
     Robert J. Crowley, President and Co-founder of AMBIT Corporation, was
 formerly the Director of R&D for Boston Scientific Corporation's Imaging and
 Sensing Lab, which developed the first human-rated IVUS system, and did the
 first-ever IVUS imaging in atherosclerotic arteries.  His group also developed
 several other diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for Boston Scientific
     Mr. Crowley said, "We are pleased to have licensed this important
 technology to NaturalNano to complement their recent innovations in RF
 shielding technologies.  We believe that there is a strong market need for
 intelligent cellular and WIFI control in fixed locations such as school
 buildings, offices, and in military applications and NaturalNano is the right
 company to bring these technologies to the marketplace."
     Crowley continued, "Until now, there has not been a practical, profit
 generating cellular shielding system that can be turned on or off.  Unlike
 illegal jamming, our system monitors and controls the flow of radio, cellular
 and WIFI signals into a building and has a built-in billing function, too.
 The license to NaturalNano includes AMBIT Corporation's technologies to direct
 and route revenue-generating information streams in a shielded environment."
     The use of metalized halloysite nanotubes for RF shielding came about as a
 result of a NaturalNano research and development program.  Experimental trials
 included creation of a spray coating embedded with copper-filled halloysite
 nanotubes.  The resulting material demonstrated significant RF signal strength
 reduction capability.
     NaturalNano's spray-on shielding formulation, when applied to the walls of
 a room, may provide a passive blocking agent for radio frequency (RF) energy.
 Creating RF shielded environments has typically involved extensive use of
 conductive wiring and construction materials, a labor and capital intensive
 undertaking.  NaturalNano believes that this new approach to creating a
 shielded environment, using a spray-on formulation, may provide an effective
 application solution on a much more cost-effective basis.  This technology is
 particularly applicable to existing and non-mobile rooms because of the high
 costs associated with retrofitting an existing room to make it a passively RF
 shielded environment using current RF shielding techniques.
     NaturalNano has rights to multiple issued and pending patents that cover
 processes, compositions, and derivatives for the nanotubes found in halloysite
 clay.  More than 200 different commercial applications have been identified to
 date.  The Company is also developing proprietary, patent-pending extraction,
 separation, and classification technologies to enable production of more
 uniform nanotubes to meet the higher standards required for advanced
 applications of the naturally occurring nanotubes. These include precise,
 controlled, and extended release of application-specific additives for use
 with cosmetics, polymers and plastics and other areas.
     To learn more about NaturalNano and to view a diagram of the RF shielding
 application, please visit .
     About AMBIT Corporation
     AMBIT Corporation, founded in 1993, is a technology and intellectual
 property development firm active in cellular, computer, and nanotechnology
 fields. The company researches, designs and invents new platform technologies
 relating to wireless information distribution systems, human-machine interface
 sensors, computer keyboarding apparatus, carbon nanotube based electronics,
 nanotube antenna arrays, and optical devices.  AMBIT Corp. conducts its
 Research and Development at universities and at laboratories located in
 Massachusetts.  Website: .
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     About NaturalNano, Inc.
     NaturalNano, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:   NNAN)(FWB: N3N) is a materials
 science company developing unique and proprietary processes for refining
 naturally occurring nanotubes and other nanomaterials that add competitive
 properties to a range of applications.  These include additives to cosmetics
 and personal care products, and absorbent materials, as well as:
 electromagnetic interference shielding, specialty coatings, and material
 additives for industrial polymers, plastics and composites.  NaturalNano
 possesses broad intellectual property rights and proprietary know-how for
 extraction and separation processes, compositions, and derivatives of
 halloysite and other nanotubes.  For more information, please visit .
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