NaturalNano to Present at Lux Executive Summit

NaturalNano President to Discuss Applications of Natural Nanotubes

Oct 19, 2005, 01:00 ET from NaturalNano Inc.

    ROCHESTER, N.Y, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- NaturalNano Inc., a company whose
 primary business is discovering, refining, and marketing naturally occurring
 nanomaterials, announced today that Michael Riedlinger, NaturalNano's
 President, will present at the Lux Executive Summit: The Business Impact of
 Nanotechnology on Monday, October 24, 2005, in Cambridge, Mass.
     Riedlinger will discuss potential applications in a broad range of
 industries including: polymers and plastics, electronics, and cosmetics.
 Specific applications in agricultural uses that leverage and benefit from
 natural nanotubes' unique chemical and physical properties will be presented
 in more detail.  This includes applications for herbicides, pesticides and
 vertebrate aversion.
     NaturalNano has rights to multiple issued and pending patents that cover
 processes, compositions, and derivatives for the nanotubes found in halloysite
 clay.  More than 200 commercial applications have been identified to date.
 The Company is also developing proprietary, patent-pending extraction,
 separation, and classification technologies to enable the production of more
 uniform nanotubes to meet the higher standards required for advanced
 applications of the naturally occurring nanotubes. These applications include
 precise, controlled, and extended release of application-specific additives
 for use with cosmetics, polymers and plastics and other areas.
     Extracted from clay mined at Utah's Dragon Mine operated by Atlas Mining
 Company (OTC Bulletin Board:   ALMI), the tubule-rich halloysite clay can be
 supplied in very large quantities.  NaturalNano has rights from Atlas and will
 be establishing processing capabilities to produce nanotubes to customer
 requirements for specific applications.
     Focusing on the business impact of nanotechnology, the Lux Executive
 Summit will present exclusive ideas and data from Lux Research's renowned
 analysts. The conference is a meeting of business leaders who want to
 understand how nanotechnology will change products, commerce, and ultimately
     Lux Research is the world's leading nanotechnology research and advisory
 firm. Lux Research helps clients make better decisions to profit from
 nanoscale science and technology, tapping into Lux Research analysts' unique
 expertise and unrivaled network. Clients include top decision makers at large
 corporations, portfolio managers and analysts at leading financial
 institutions, CEOs of the most innovative start-ups, and visionary public
 policy makers.
     NaturalNano Inc. is an advanced materials company with unique, proprietary
 processes for the refinement of naturally occurring nanotubes and other
 materials that enable a range of advanced applications from enhanced
 composites and other industrial products to cosmetics and electronics.  The
 Company is a technology leader in the processing of nanotubes from halloysite
 clay, a source of naturally occurring nanotubes.
     NaturalNano possesses broad intellectual property rights to multiple
 issued and pending patents for a comprehensive range of processes,
 compositions, and derivatives of our nanomaterials.  The Company's research
 and development teams have identified more than 200 novel applications for
 halloysite and other nanotubes. These applications include uses in cosmetics
 and personal care products, absorbent materials, electromagnetic interference
 shielding, specialty coatings, and material additives for industrial polymers,
 plastics and composites.
     The Company maintains a strategic partnership with Atlas Mining Company
 (OTC Bulletin Board:   ALMI), owner of one of the world's largest known deposits
 of halloysite clay.  This provides NaturalNano the raw materials capability to
 deliver large quantities of its products to strategic partners and customers.
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