Nature's Pearl(TM) Muscadine Grape Seed Supplement: 'Smarter' Grape with More Nutraceutical Power Goes Nationwide

Up to 40 times more antioxidants and more Resveratrol than regular grapes,

premium Muscadine grape seed supplement gains distribution in drug,

grocery, health and natural food channels.

May 01, 2007, 01:00 ET from Nature's Pearl Corporation

    ADVANCE, N.C., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Nature's Pearl(TM) Muscadine Grape
 Seed Supplement ( is rolling out nationwide,
 bringing Nature's #1 Source of Antioxidants(TM) to the masses for the first
 time, along with a combination of nutraceutical values found only in
 Muscadine grapes. With distribution growing rapidly in drug, grocery,
 health, natural foods, and other retail channels and online, Nature's Pearl
 is making possible widespread access to the health benefits of Muscadine
 grapes, concentrated primarily in the seeds. The flagship product is now
 available in 650 mg. capsules containing pure, premium Muscadine grape
 seeds without fillers or preservatives.
     Typically found in the southeastern United States, Muscadine grapes
 (Vitis rotundifolia) are dubbed "The Smarter Grape(TM)" because they have
 two more chromosomes than other grapes (Vitis vinifera), which enables a
 broader range of health benefits. Muscadine grape seeds contain over 100
 powerful phenolic compounds that are used to support healthy hearts,
 joints, blood sugar, brain function, cell function, immunity and sexual
 function, and address a wide range of issues such as headaches, anti-aging,
 fatigue, menopause and more.
     Muscadine grape seeds contain up to 10 times the antioxidant value of
 other high-antioxidant foods such as blueberries and cranberries. Compared
 to other grape seeds, Muscadine grape seeds have 40 times the antioxidants
 and more Resveratrol - the polyphenol found in red wine and proven to
 benefit cardiovascular health, blood sugar levels and the aging process,
 among other health issues. In addition, Muscadine grapes offer a unique
 combination of phytochemicals and phenolic compounds not found in other
 grapes, fruits or vegetables, such as Resveratrol, Ellagic Acid, OPCs, and
     "At Nature's Pearl, our goal is to bring the health benefits of
 Muscadine grapes to everyone," said Sandra Bass, vice president of business
 development. "Muscadine grapes are no secret to the people in the
 Southeast, many of whom have eaten them in season all their lives," Bass
 adds. "But, we're educating consumers throughout the country, and even in
 the Southeast, about the superior nutraceutical power of Muscadines far
 above other grapes or healthy foods. The most potent part of Muscadine
 grapes is the seeds - and now we've captured that power and made it
 conveniently available year-round and internationally," Bass explains.
     About Muscadine Grapes
     Called "America's First Grape(TM)," Muscadine grapes (Vitis
 rotundifolia) grow in southeastern United States and have been found as far
 north as Delaware and far west as Texas. Native Americans first used them
 and believed they had medicinal properties, and America's first European
 settlers wrote about them in the 1500s. Thriving naturally in the hot,
 humid and disease- prone environments of the Southeast, where typical wine
 grapes cannot grow, Muscadine grapes have developed a natural ability to
 heal themselves from disease, bacteria and fungi. These protective
 qualities - otherwise known as antioxidants - are also beneficial to anyone
 who consumes the grapes. Much of the power of Muscadine grapes is
 concentrated in the seeds, which are not usually eaten when the fresh fruit
 pulp is consumed.
     Nature's Pearl is working with researchers at Wake Forest University
 Health Sciences, Winston-Salem, N.C., to conduct a series of human clinical
 trials on not just Muscadine grapes, but Nature's Pearl Muscadine grape
 seeds, further evidencing the health benefits that Native Americans first
 discovered centuries ago.
     Nature's Pearl Corporation is backing the retail launch and driving
 sales with an extensive advertising campaign that includes print, radio, TV
 and direct mail. In addition, the company will be exhibiting at major
 industry trade shows and events throughout the year.
     Where To Buy
     Nature's Pearl Muscadine Grape Seed Supplement is available nationwide
 in drug, grocery, natural food and other stores. Drugstores include Rite
 Aid/GNC stores, as well as many regional stores such as Kerr Drug, USA
 Drug, Super D Drugs, Ike's Deep Discount Drug, May's Drug Stores, Drug
 Warehouse, Drug Mart, Med-X Drug Stores, Kinney Drug, Mutual Drug, Dik
 Drug, Smith Drug, Med-Cap Pharmacies, Medicine Shoppe, Associated
 Pharmacies and more. Distribution also is nationwide through Cardinal
 Health, McKesson, Kehe Foods, DPI, MDI, Tree of Life, UNFI, Rainbow Foods,
 Select Nutrition, The Source and Raydiance International. Grocery retailers
 include Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Whole Foods and Pathmark. International
 distribution is beginning with retailers throughout Puerto Rico, St.
 Thomas, St. John, Tortola, St. Croix, Anguilla, Bahamas, Barbados, Curacao,
 Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos. To locate a retailer, go to Supplements are available online at:,, and,,, and Suggested
 retail price is $29.00 for 60-count, 650 mg. capsules, which is a one-month
     About Nature's Pearl Corporation
     Nature's Pearl Corporation, founded in 2005 in Advance, N.C., is the
 leader in the premium Muscadine grape neutraceuticals industry, offering
 consumers worldwide high quality, healthy Muscadine grape-based products.
 In addition to Nature's Pearl(TM) Muscadine Grape Seed Supplements, the
 company also manufactures and markets Natures Pearl(TM) Muscadine Grape
 Juice in red and white varieties and 100 percent premium Muscadine grape
 jelly. Future Muscadine products in development may include anti-aging
 cosmeceutical creams and lotions, energy and snack bars, single-serve
 juices, and cooking and salad oils. President and CEO Jerry W. Smith, also
 founder of Le Bleu Corporation (, established the
 company after two years of research with Muscadine grape growers and
 scientists. The company is currently working with researchers at Wake
 Forest University to further studies and human clinical trials on the
 health benefits of Muscadine grapes.

SOURCE Nature's Pearl Corporation