Navigenics'(TM) Genome Analysis Used In Research Trial on the Impact of Providing Genetic Risk Assessments

Apr 08, 2008, 01:00 ET from Navigenics, Inc.

    REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Navigenics, a
 genetic health services company, today announced a new study of genetic
 predisposition analysis. The Mayo Clinic study will examine how patients
 understand and use information provided by a Navigenics genetic risk
 assessment. The research also addresses physicians' understanding of
 genetic assessments and the impact of such information on preventive health
 decision making. Titled "A Proof of Principle Trial of Communication to
 Patients Receiving Predictive Genetic Risk Assessment," the study begins
 this month and runs through September 2009. The study is funded jointly by
 Navigenics and Mayo Clinic.
     "In this emerging field it is absolutely critical that the entire
 industry remain rooted in high-quality science and research - this is
 exactly what we do and what our customers, collaborators and advisors
 expect from Navigenics," said Mari Baker, president and CEO of Navigenics.
 "We believe this research collaboration with a leading medical institution
 like Mayo Clinic will help the entire industry evolve responsibly, provide
 the necessary tools to educate clinicians, and ultimately improve people's
     The Navigenics(TM) Health Compass is a new genetic risk assessment
 service that combines an advanced genome scan with the latest discoveries
 in genetic medicine and personalized genetic counseling. It gives
 individuals information on their genetic predisposition to developing a
 broad menu of common conditions, so that, with their physicians, they can
 seek earlier diagnosis, delay the onset or prevent the conditions
 altogether. The service calculates genetic predisposition based on
 genome-wide association studies that combine a variety of epidemiological
 variables. Navigenics scours the more than 4,000 published studies
 correlating genes to medical conditions and other common human traits to
 include only those which present high-quality and reliable results. The
 Navigenics Health Compass is the only personal genetic risk assessment to
 provide on-staff Certified Genetic Counselors to help people understand
 their individual results.
     "The science that links genes with many common inherited diseases is
 well- established and growing," said Navigenics co-founder and clinical
 advisory board chair David Agus, M.D. "Now we need to better understand how
 individuals use this information. Navigenics hopes to learn more about
 patients' hopes and expectations regarding genetic risk assessment. Our
 goal is to leverage the wealth of information that genetics can provide to
 better motivate patients to take action that will improve their health. Our
 research collaboration with the Mayo Clinic helps us get there."
     About Navigenics
     Navigenics, Inc. is a privately held company based in Redwood Shores,
 Calif. The company was founded by David Agus, M.D. and Dietrich Stephan,
 Ph.D., with the goal of improving health outcomes in individuals across the
 population. Navigenics educates and empowers customers with knowledge of
 their genetic predispositions, and then motivates them to act on the
 information to prevent the onset of disease, achieve earlier diagnosis,
 appropriately manage disease, or otherwise lessen its impact. Navigenics'
 lead investors are Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Sequoia Capital and
 MDV-Mohr Davidow Ventures. More information is available at
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