Navini Announces Availability of 2.3 GHz Pre-Mobile WiMAX Platform; 2.3 GHz Gaining Momentum as a Major Frequency for Mobile WiMAX

Jun 26, 2006, 01:00 ET from Navini Networks, Inc.

    RICHARDSON, Texas, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Navini Networks, Inc., the
 world's leading provider of portable wireless broadband network
 solutions(1), announced today the availability of its pre-mobile WiMAX
 Ripwave(TM) MX platform, in the 2.3 GHz frequency.
     "2.3 GHz is likely to be a major WiMAX 16e frequency for personal
 broadband worldwide," said Roger Dorf, president and CEO, Navini Networks.
 "We've had customers commercially operating at this frequency around the
 world since 2004 ... there's a lot of momentum."
     Among them are recently announced Scarlet Broadband in Curacao, QMAX in
 Singapore, Liberty Technologies in Panama and in the U.S., Meganet
 Broadband (Massachusetts).
     In the U.S., 2.3 GHz is currently defined as WCS which has some
 stringent FCC requirements for emission masks and limitations on providing
     Navini is currently the only vendor to have commercial deployment of
 2.3 GHz in the U.S., and also the only vendor capable of deploying within
 the constraints of all WCS blocks, including C and D.
     "The 2.3 GHz frequency will contribute largely to the success of WiMAX-
 2005/16e and personal broadband, not only on a global scale, but also in
 the USA," said Emmy Johnson, Founder & Principal Analyst, Sky Light
 Research. "The WCS band has only 30 MHz of spectrum with many carriers
 owning no more than 10 MHz. With finite spectrum, frequency reuse becomes
 paramount -- and technologies that employ advanced antenna solutions, like
 Navini's smart beamforming, resolve this issue efficiently and
     "Navini's Ripwave(TM) MX platform with Smart WiMAX(TM) (smart
 beamforming enabled mobile WiMAX) allows operators to deliver personal
 broadband solutions in the 2.3 GHz band today and seamlessly upgrade to
 WiMAX 802.16e next year," added Dorf.
     Navini will have its pre-mobile WiMAX platform, the Ripwave(TM) MX,
 running 2.3 GHz at WCA June 28-29th in Washington, D.C., where attendees
 will be able to see integrated demos such as VoIP and IPTV.
     About Navini Networks:
     With the largest commercial deployments in the world, over 50
 commercial networks in 6 continents and strategic partnerships with
 industry leaders, Navini Networks is the leader in providing portable,
 plug-n-play broadband wireless access solutions. Navini is the only company
 that has the patented smart beamforming technology, enabling personal
 broadband for the mass market today, with a seamless upgrade to the Mobile
 WiMAX standard to deliver Smart WiMAX(TM). (Smart WiMAX(TM) is the
 combination of mobile WiMAX and Smart Beamforming, which is critical for
 personal broadband). Navini's Ripwave(R) MX portable, zero-install(TM),
 non-line-of-sight (NLOS) product line consists of customer modems, base
 stations, and element management systems (EMS) run in the full range of
 spectrums and offers the industry's first dual-mode CPEs and PCMCIA cards
 as well as base stations, with software upgrades to the IEEE 802.16e
     Navini Networks is a principal member of the WiMAX Forum and the IEEE
 802.16e committee and is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. .
     (1) "State of the Market Wireless Broadband Analysis Report 2006 --
 2010 & SkyLight Research Wireless Broadband Five Year Forecast 2006 -- -
 2010" by SkyLight Research (published June 2006)

SOURCE Navini Networks, Inc.